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Überkatz Mob

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Date of Formation
June 2012
Bruce, Mungallchops, Ricou, Tina, Candy Flip, Yabou, Lord Stanley, Leaf, Staculius, Todger, Butch, Miller, Toto, Talkeetna, Yoda, Nulli, Ilanga and Briesmut
Dominant Female(s)
Tina and Frosting
Dominant Male(s)
Bruce, Grump and Pitio
Last Dominant Female
Last Dominant Male
Total Number of Members
Last Seen
July 2016
Reason for Last Seen
Remaining members ran over by a car

The Überkatz was formed by a large Sequoia splinter group in mid 2012. Former dominant male of the Sequoia Bruce established dominance along with his daughter Tina. Within a month all the adult males rejoined the Sequoia and were replaced by Whiskers males. In early 2014 Tina was lost and Frosting became the new dominant female, later on Pitio became the new dominant male. The group was lost in early July 2016 after Frosting, Pitio, and their lone pup were run over on the main road.

Dominant Pair

The former dominant male of the Sequoia, Bruce, was the oldest of the males so he easily established dominance. The dominant female position was taken by Tina, the oldest of the females. Bruce and the Sequoia males rejoined the Sequoia allowing Whiskers rovers to make their way into the group, Gump became the dominant male beside Tina. After Tina was lost her eldest surviving daughter Frosting established dominance after her. In July 2014 Gump was overthrown by Pitio. Both dominants died in early July 2016 after being run over on the main road.

Members by October 2015

The Überkatz have 16 members as of October 2015

Frosting (VUKF003) Dominant Female

Pitio (VWM139) Dominant Male

Snäckan (VUKM009)

Sötnös (VUKM010)

Gremlin (VUKM014)

Chance (VUKM017)

Zorro (VUKF018)

El Gordo (VUKM019)

Sebastian (VUKM020)

Potto Von Pissmark (VUKM021)

Gyllyngvase (VUKF023)

San Luis De Sabinillas (VUKM024)

Spock (VUKM025)





The Überkatz held a small territory in-between the Sequoia and Kung Fu. They also encounter the Hooligans, Baobab and Whiskers. In 2014 the Chalibonkas and Kung Fu were their main rivals. In 2015 the Ewoks, RascalsAxolotls and JaXX became their rivals.