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May 2012: Bruce, Mungallchops, Ricou, Tina, Candy Flip, Yabou, Lord Stanley, Leaf, Staculius, Todger, Butch, Miller, Toto, Talkeetna, Yoda, Nulli, Ilanga and Briesmut split from the Sequoia.

June 2012: Bruce, Mungallchops, Ricou, Tina, Candy Flip, Yabou, Lord Stanley, Leaf, Staculius, Todger, Butch, Miller, Toto, Talkeetna, Yoda, Nulli, Ilanga and Briesmut were found and followed. Bruce and Tina became the dominant pair. Injabulo left the Sequoia and joined the group and Biffy Clyro visited. Four encounters with Sequoia and one with Kung Fu.

July 2012: Bruce, Mungallchops, Candy Flip, Yabou, Lord Stanley, Leaf, Todger, Dutch, Miller and Toto left the group. Gump, Rozza and Pitio joined the group. Gump became the dominant male. Pitio left the group and joined the Hooligans. Two encounters with Hooligans and one with Sequoia.

August 2012: Tina was pregnant. Pitio rejoined the group then left to join the Hooligans again. Rozza went roving once. Two encounters with Sequoia and one with Baobab, Lazuli, Hooligans and Whiskers.

September 2012: Tina gave birth to Cupcake, J, and Frosting. Rozza went roving. Mumbulu, Pitio and Fat Jesus visited. Two encounters with Baobab and three with Hooligans.

October 2012: Tina was pregnant. Nik Nak, Spactula, Kiboko, Buck, Jay-B and Cagliostro visited. One encounter with Hooligans and Baobab. Pitio rejoined the group.

November 2012: Tina was pregnant but aborted. Ilanga was evicted. Briesmut went roving. Princess Madcat visited. Two encounters with Whiskers. Ilanga was absent.

December 2012: Talkeena was pregnant. Bearslayer Lord Stanley and Toto visited. One encounter with Whiskers.


Janaury 2013: Talkeena aborted. Ricou gave birth but lost her litter. Tina was pregnant. Rozza and Pitio went roving. Bearslayer, Todger, Miller and Toto visited. Two encounter with Baobab and Sequoia.

February 2013: Tina was pregnant, gave birth but lost her litter. J appeared. Four encounters with Whiskers, one with Baobab and Lazuli.

March 2013: Cupcake was evicted. Tina and Pitio went roving. Hen, Mayer, Fran The Wo-Man,Sinbad, Drachentöter, Marxxs and Pat McGrion visited. Four encounters with Whiskers. J was absent.

April 2013: Cupcake was Last Seen. Rozza and J went roving. Frosting was evicted. J was absent. One encounter with Whiskers.

May 2013: J was Last Seen. Rozza, Pitio and Briesmut went roving. Snowy, Rufio, Brea and Pet visited. Two encounters with Sequoia and one with Whiskers and an unknown mob.

June 2013: Tina was pregnent. Ricou was evicted. Rozza, Gump, Pitio, Nulli and Briesmut went roving. Bruce visited. One encounter with Sequoia and Whiskers.

July 2013: Tina gave birth Django, Snood, Gymnogene and Pug. Rozza, Briesmut, Nulli, Injabulo and Pitio went roving. Ricou and Talkeenta were evicted. Shredder, Uncle Phil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil, Jay-B, Uter Pendragon, Butch, Sundance Kid, Finnlex, Cagliostro and Sinbad from the Baobab and Lazuli visited. One encounter with Baobab.

August 2013: Pug was separated from the group but returned. Rozza, Briesmut, Pitio and Nulli went roving. Bruce visited. One encounter with Kung Fu and Sequoia.

September 2013: Ricou was pregnant.

October 2013: Ricou and Tina were pregnant. Nulli, Injabulo, Briesmut, Django, Snood, Gump, Rozza and Pitio went roving. Nulli, Injabulo and Briesmut were Last Seen. Ricou and Talkeenta were evicted. Bar-Ba-Loot, Skat Kat, Papsicol, Bumpy and  Hercule visited. One encounter with Kung Fu. Ricouand Talkeenta were absent.

November 2013: Ricou aborted. Tina was pregnant. Ricou and Talkeenta left the group to form the Chalibonkas. Rozza and Pitio went roving. Priscilla, Hazwell, Hercule, Kokopelli and an unknown meerkat visited. One encounter with Kung Fu.

December 2013: Tina gave birth to Solsken, Snäckan, Sötnös, Sky and Snygging. Rozza and Pitio went roving. Frosting was evicted twice. Captain Danger Awesome, Mr Lahey, Skat Kat, Drachentöter, Bandersnatch, Harrison, Priscilla, Hercule and four unknown individuals visited.


January 2014: Tina was pregnant. Pitio went roving. Pitio and three unknown individuals visited. Three encounters with Chalibonkas.

February 2014: Tina gave birth to Pipkin, Gremlin, Hope, Lucky, Chance and Zorro. Frosting aborted and was evicted. Rozza and Pitio went roving. Bandersnatch visited the group. Two encounters with Chalibonkas.

March 2014: Tina was evicted and died. Frosting became the dominant female. Frosting was pregnant. Pipkin was absent. 

April 2014: Pipkin was predated. Solsken went roving and was Last Seen. Two encounters with Kung Fu.

May 2014: Frosting was pregnant. Sky was evicted. Gump, Rozza and Pitio went roving. Priscilla visited. Three encounters with Kung Fu.

June 2014: Frosting gave birth to El Gordo, Sebastian and Potto Von Pissmark. Frosting was evicted once. Rozza, Grump and Pitio went roving. Harrison, Prisilla, Drachentöter and Bandersnatch visited. One encounter with Chalibonkas. Grump and Pitio were absent.

July 2014: Pitio became the new dominant male. Rozza, Gump and Pitio went roving. Rozza was Last Seen. Bumpy, Priscilla, Harrison, Drachentoter and Bandersnatch visited. Gump was absent.

August 2014: Frosting was pregnant. Gump, Snood, El Gordo and Sebastian went roving. Snygging was evicted. Priscilla, Harrison, Bumpy, Dratchentoter and Bandersnatch visited. One encounter with Chalibonkas. Gump was absent.

September 2014: Frosting aborted. Gump and Snood went roving and were absent. Sky and Hope were evicted. Drachentoter, Bandersnatch, Bumpy and Wee Willie visited.

October 2014: Frosting was pregnant. Sky and Gymnogene were pregnant but aborted. Hope was Last Seen. Gump, Django, Snäckan and Sötnös went roving. Bumpy, Pet, Priscilla, Pasionate Peach, Drachentoter and Bandersnatch visited. Two encounters with Chalibonkas. Gump was absent.

November 2014: Frosting gave birth to Peeves, Gyllyngvase and San Luis De Sabinillas. Snood was Last Seen. Gump, Sötnös and Django went roving. Gymnogene, Pug, Sky and Snygging were evicted and formed Axolotls. Bumpy, Flammkuchen, Drachentoter, Gymnogene, Pug, Sky and Snygging visited. Django appeared once. One encounter with Chalibonkas.

December 2014: Gump, Sötnös and Django went roving. One encounter with Rascals, Chalibonkas and Kung Fu. An unknown meerkat visited. Peeves was absent.


January 2015: Frosting was pregnant. Peeves was predated. Gump went roving. Bumpy visited. One encounter with Axolotls. Gump was absent.

February 2015: Frosting was pregnant. Gump went roving. One encounter with Axolotls and Rascals.

March 2015: Frosting gave birth but her litter was killed. Lucky died. Gump, Snäckan and Sötnös went roving. Three encounters with Axolotls and one with Ewoks. Gump was absent.

April 2015: Gump and Chance went roving. Chance appeared. Jazzy Jeff and an unknown meerkat visited. One encounter with Lazuli.

May 2015: Gump, Django, Snäckan and Sötnös went roving. An unknown meerkat visited twice. Gump was absent.

June 2015: Frosting was pregnant. Gump, Django and Snackan went roving, appeared and were absent.

July 2015: Frosting gave birth to Spock, Emrys, Kamikaze Alan, Gandhinata and Glumpy Dave. Gump, Django, Snäckan and Sötnös left the group. Gremlin, Chance and El Gordo went roving. Zorro was evicted and appeared seven times. Gump, Django, Snäckan, Sötnös and an unknown meerkat visited.

August 2015: Gremlin, Chance, Zorro and El Gordo went roving. Corkscrew and Kazeh. Two encounters with JaXX and one with Ewoks.

September 2015: Gandhinata disappeared. Snäckan visited. Snäckan and Sötnös rejoined the group and went roving.

October 2015: Frosting and Gyllyngvase were pregnant. Snäckan, Sötnös, Gremlin and Chance went roving and were absent.

November 2015: Frosting is Pregnant. Gyllyngvase aborts. Snäckan, Sötnös, Gremlin and Chance are absent.

December 2015: Frosting gave birth but her litter was lost. El Gordo is Last Seen. Spock is Predated. Pitio and Sebastion go roving. Emrys is evicted. Pitio is absent.


January 2016: Sebastian and Pitio go roving. One Daily Group Split. 

February 2016: Chance and Sebastian go roving. Zorro and Gyllyngavase are evicted. Oopsile and Oil are encountered once. Two encounters with the Rascals.

March 2016: Frosting, Gyllyngvase and Zorro are Pregnant. One encounter with the Rascals. 

April 2016: Frosting aborted. Zorro and Gyllyngvase are Pregnant.

May 2016: Zorro and Gyllyngvase are evicted and form the Überkatz 2. Saskia returns to the Group. Sebastian and Potto Von Pissmark go roving. Chewbacca and Poletje are encountered. One encounter with Stump's Angels. 

June 2016: Frosting is Pregnant. Chewbacca is encountered three times and Poletje is encountered twice. Sebastian and Potto Von Pissmark are absent.

July 2016: Frosting aborted. Sebastian, Potto Von Pissmark, San Luis De Sabinillas and Glumpy Dave leave the group. Frosting, VUKP032, and VUKP033 are hit by a car. Pitio, Emrys, Kamikaze Alan, and Saskia are Last Seen with TB. Überkatz is lost.