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Abba Mob

Abba are a wild meerkats Group

Abba is a wild meerkat group who have not been habituated. They don’t let researchers get near them. They stay at least 100 to 300 meters away from humans. They were first seen in 2003 and occasionally throughout the years. The Abba had been in one group encounter with Toyota. Several Young One males have joined the group but still the wild Abba were not habituated. Some of the wild meerkats that have joined monitored KMP meerkat groups are thought to have come from the Abba, like the Toyota males and Baobab. The Abba group hold a territory between Young Ones, Frisky and Rascals. Now the Toyota are they closest neighbors and were in one encounter with them as well as the Frisky mob. Abba are still observed only from a distance, several Young One males had joined the Abba over the years, but none of these males seem to still be in this group.

In October 2010, the decision was made for the KMP to start habitating the Abba group. Since there wasn't an Abba life history file, they were named Godzilla instead. Thier habutation is very slow and the dominate couple are yet to be reconized.

Possible Abba Members

Al Capone Baobab may have come from the Abba or another wild group.

Al Catraz Baobab may have come from the Abba

Al Pacino Baobab might have been born in the Abba or was fathered by an Abba male.

Bracken Toyota is thought to have come from the Abba mob

Greegan Toyota is thought to be of Abba origins.

Titan Van Helsing was a wild meerkat of an unknown origin.

Plonker Van Helsing was of wild origins possibly Abba.

Van Der Wethuizen Toyota was born in a unknown group of wild meerkats, thought to be the Abba.

Since these meerkats are of unknown origins, it can't be determined where they came from, or if they were born to any known meerkats from monitored KMP groups. It is possible they were fathered by the many rovers of the KMP or born by missing females.


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