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Al Capone

Al Capone BB.jpg

Formerly of the Baobab
Date of Birth
First Seen December 15, 2007
Date of Death
December 2014
Cause of Death
Last Seen
Known For
Second Dominant Male of the Baobab
Also Known As
One of the oldest males at the KMP

Al Capone(VBBM001) was First Seen on December 15, 2007, with Al Pacino, another wild male. A third wild male named Al Catraz joined them on December 18, 2007. The three males joined up with Hawkeye, Cruise, Petra, and Cheetara, four evicted Whiskers females, to form the Baobab group. Hawkeye and Al Pacino took over dominance in the group. From August 2008 to February 2009, Al Capone went roving many times throughout each month. He earned the title of the Baobab's biggest rover at the time. However his roving days came to an end in March 2009. Al Capone, Al Catraz, and Al Pacino all fought for dominance and this time Al Capone won and became the dominant male. In September 2009, Hawkeye gave birth to Akiko, Leptis Magna, Lionel, and Bumpy. It's not known if they were fathered by Al Capone. In December 2009, Hawkeye give birth to Buck, Sol-Leks, Spitz, and Mum, which was her last litter, possibly fathered by Al Capone. Hawkeye aborted her next litter and sadly, she was hit by a car in April 2010. Hawkeye's litter-mate sister Cruise became the new dominate female and partner to Al Capone. In November 2010, she and Al Capone had their first litter together. The pups were Mr. Lahey, Shredder, Uncle Phil, and Sherry. Throughout 2011, Cruise and Al Capone had three litters together, one of which was mixed with a subordinate female named Spatula. In 2012, the pair had another two litters, this time one of them was mixed with another subordinate female named Herpasaurus. By 2013, it had seemed as though Al Capone was returning to his old casanova ways. In February and March, in spite being a dominant male with an unrelated parnter, he went roving with some Baobab males, probably because Cruise had not produced a litter in some months. However, he returned to the group with the rest of the males. In September, Cruise was predated and Amarula, Al Capone's possible daughter, took dominance. Al Capone spent much of his time roving in the months following Cruise's tragic death. He was often joined by his sons. Al Capone lost dominance to his son, Mr. Lahey, in December 2013, after almost four years as the Baobab's dominant male. He didn't challange him, having nothing to gain. Instead, Al Capone turned to roving. He left the Baobab in May 2014.

HiggleDiggle Mob

In May 2014, Al Capone met up with an unknown habituated male and wild meerkats to form a new group. The mob was originally called HC but was later named HiggleDiggle. Because the group was mostly made up of wild meerkats they were very difficult to track, and thus Al Capone's activities within the gang were not known. In December 2014, tracking of HiggleDiggle was suspended and Al Capone was no longer followed.


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