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Al Catraz Baobab
Formerly of Urukhai and Moomins
Date of Birth
First Seen December 18, 2007
Date of Death
March 2010
Cause of Death
Last Seen
VBBM057, VBBP058, Twatty, Crunchy and VBBP061
Known For
Last Dominant Male of the Moomins
Also Known As
Only Dominant Male of Urukhai


Al Catraz(VBBM003) was first seen with Al Capone(VBBM001) and Al Pacino(VBBM002) on 18 December, 2007. The males joined up with four Whiskers females named Hawkeye, Cruise, Petra and Cheetara and established a new group was called the Baobab Mob. Al Pacino initially took dominance. Al Catraz on the other hand spent more time roving and became one of Baobab's biggest rovers. In December 2009 the Baobab suffered a group split, Al Catraz ended up with the splinter group.


The splinter group was called the Urukhai Mob. Al Catraz was the only male in the group so he became the dominant male alongside the dominant female Cruise. The Urukhai were short-lived, after only a month the group rejoined Baobab. Cruise submitted to Hawkeye and Al Catraz took a subordinate position under Al Capone. By that time Cruise was pregnant by Al Catraz. In Februrary 2010 she gave birth to VBBM057, VBBP058, TwattyCrunchy and VBBP061. They were Al Catraz's first known pups. That same month Al Catraz left the group and joined a new mob.


The group he joined was called the Moomins. Al Catraz quickly established himself as the dominant male, but his reign was cut short. The group was infected with TB and the dominant female Hemulen died of the disease in March 2010. That same month Al Catraz disappeared and a month later the rest of the Moomins were lost.


Baobab Mob

Urukhai Mob

Moomins Mob