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Ally(VYF06?) was born on March 6, 2001 in the Young Ones. Her mother was a subordinate female named Markina and her father was Basil, a rover from the Vivian. She was born in a litter of two with just one litter-mate brother named Niko(VYM063). Their mother was not the dominant but their grandmother Morgause. She could have killed or abandon the pups hwoever she had to litters of her own at the time so she allowed Markina to keep her litter. Both Ally and Niko survived to their first birthday. Sadly their mother did not see them make it to adulthood, Markina was assumed predated and was Last Seen on December 3, 2001. Ally and her brother started to help out with babysitting and sentry duties. Niko started to take to roving with the other males while Ally started to be evicted by her grandmother. Ally later was evicted with some other females Scaredy Cat, Mary Ellen, Tom and Arwen. They formed the Pharside Mob with ten rovers from the Frisky however the group didn't last long. After a group the group had formed, all but two of the Frisky males left the group allowing a group of wild males joined the Pharside kicking out the last two Frisky males. The group was no longer followed soon after this and disappeared. Niko joined the Vivian but he disappeared while roving in 2004. Ally was Last Seen on November 17, 2002.


Mother: Markina

Father: Basil

Brother: Niko


Young Ones Mob

Pharside Mob