Andy C Drie Doring

Andy C in 2011.

Drie Doring

Andy C(VDM145) was born sometime between February 8-11, 2010, in the Drie Doring. His mother was Mist, and his father was an unknown rover. Andy C was born in a litter of four; his three litter-mates were Marilyn(VDF144), Begbie(VDM143), and Tanzania(VDF146). As they were the dominant female's pups, they were well looked after. All four pups survived to adulthood. He soon started to rove with his brothers; his first roving trip occurred in November 2010. In June 201,1 his brother Begbie left with the older males and joined the Frisky. Andy C stayed in the Drie Doring and became one of the oldest males in the group. He continued to spend much of his time roving. In December 2012, he left the group.



Andy C in 2012.

Andy C joined up with two evicted Kung Fu females named Spektor and Rhymenoceros. The trio joined the Frisky where Rhymenoceros and Specktor attacked and evicted the dominant female Muscat. Spektor became the new dominant female. The dominant male was Andy C's uncle Falco; however, he was sick from disease and the other males were away roving so Andy C assumed dominance. Andy C didn't stay in the Frisky for very long though. Many of the members dispersed. Spektor and Rhymenoceros left the group and took over the Goodfellas mob. Following this, Andy C left the Frisky and rejoined his original group.

Drie Doring

Once back in the Drie Doring mob, Andy C returned to a subordinate role. His time in the Frisky had brought him into contact with diseased meerkats. As a result he became infected with TB. In order to prevent the spread of the disease to other Drie Doring meerkats, Andy C had to be put down. He was sadly euthanized in April 2013.


Drie Doring Mob

Frisky Mob

Mist Drie Doring