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Ara Rascals


Date of Birth
March 15, 2009
Date of Death
August 2012
Cause of Death
Last Seen
Unknown rover
Mr. Glitter Rascals, VRRP141, Butters Rascals and VRRP143
Known For
Daughter of Blondie and Grus
Also Known As
Crux's sister

Ara(VRRF126) was born on March 15, 2009 in the Rascals Mob. Her mother was Blondie and her father was Grus, the dominant pair of the Rascals at the time. She was born in a litter of six pups, her litter-mates were her sisters Lyra(VRRF128), Vela(VRRF124) and and brothers Crux(VRRM123), Izar(VRRM125) and VRRM127. They were Blondie's last litter ever. A few months later she disappeared and was pressumed to have been predated. Ara's aunt Islay took over as dominant female but she soon was killed two months last, and Ara's older half sister Sancerre took female dominance of the group. The Rascals were a small month conisting of only twleve members till VRRM121 and VRRM127 disappeared in November 2009. Her sister Rioja gave birth to a litter of pups on Janaury 2010 boosting the Rascals low mumbers. Soon Ara and her remaining litter-mates reach their first birthday. Ara started helping out with the pups and taking a sentry post. In early 2010, her cousin Tigi and old brother Grigio left the group and formed the Ewoks Mob the Colombians Mob. As one of the oldest females in the group, Ara and her sisters started to be evicted whenever Sancerre was pregnant. On September 2010 Ara's sister Lyra gave birth to VRRP132, VRRP133, VRRP134 and VRRP135; and this time Ara was old enough to help her care for her pups. In April 2011 Ara herself gave birth to Mr. Glitter, VRRP141, Butters and VRRP143. Sadly two of her pups were soon predated and a few months later Butters was lost. Ara was evicted by Sancerre and Absent in December 2010 along with her cousin Rioja and sisters Lyra and Vela and niece Calendula. Only Ara was able to rejoin the group while all the other females dispersed. Ara was now the oldest female in the Rascals under Sancerre. Ara also became the main babysitter, she was often seen with the pups. Ara was evicted multiple times and did not have another successful litter. In Augsut 2012 Ara was evicted along with her nieces Coccyx, Mushy, Edna May and Lenore. All the females except for Ara rejoined the group. Ara was absent for the next two months and considered Last Seen.


Mother: Blondie

Father: Grus

Sisters: Lyra and Vela

Brothers: Crux, Izar and VRRM127

Mate: Unknown

Children: Mr Glitter, VRRP141, Butters and VRRP143


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