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Aragorn Young Ones

Aragorn Young Ones(VYM073).jpg

Formerly of the Young ones and Commandos
Date of Birth
October 8, 2000
Date of Death
March 5, 2007
Cause of Death
Elrond, Arwen and Faramir.
Known For
First Dominant Male of the Commandos
Also Known As
Benzedrine's father and Zorilla's first mate

Young Ones

Aragorn(VYM073) was born into the Young Ones Mob on October 8, 2000. His mother was Morgause and his father was Keros, the dominant couple at this time.. He was born in a litter of four with three litter-mates named Elrond(VY?0??), Arwen(VYF???) and Faramir(VY?0??). Aragorn and his litter-mates survivied to adulthood and they took on roles as subordinates. He occasionally went roving with some of his brothers but Aragorn returned to the group. Aragon's litter mate, Faramir died or dissapeared on November 5, 2001. After his father died in early 2002, Aragorn was the oldest male in his family. In the absence of an unrelated dominant male, he took over as the natal dominant male. He was the dominant male beside his mother Morgause for a short period of time. Shortly after Aragorn secured his position as the new Young Ones dominant male, a rover named Sprite from a rival group called the Elveera joined the group. Aragorn did not put up much of a fight and handed over dominance to him. However, he did not immediatly leave his family, but it did not take him long to start roving again. In September 2002, Aragon's sister, Arwen was evived by Morgause along with several other females and formed the Pharside. Aragon's litter mate, Elrond later died or dissapeared on October 13, 2003. Since he was not bound down to carry out his duties as the dominnt male, Aragorn used his new-found freedom to rove and experiance as a dominant male Aragorn was ready to find a mate. In November 2004, Aragorn lead a group of his younger half brothers, Eddie, Khoi Khoi, Ndebele, Venda, Zulu and Grog on a roving coalition. The group of seven males soon came across six evicted Gattaca females.


The Young Ones

Aragorn, dominant male of Commandos

males stayed with the Gattaca females and form a new established group called, the Commandos. The position of dominant female was fought over by the four oldest females. Aragorn established male dominance without difficulty and was soon fitted with a radio collar. Finally, after several fights, a female named Zorilla beat her sisters in to submission and became the dominant female. He and Zorilla led and ruled the Commandos and had many children. The Commandos grew fast thanks to Zorilla's many big litters all fathered by Aragorn. Zorilla gave birth to her first litter in the Commandos on Janury 30, 2005 named Ketamine, Benzedrine and Ethylene. On June 15, 2005, Zorilla gave birth to Drew, Phoebe, Moe and Rusty. Then on September 12, 2005 Zorilla gave birth to Flash, AnnieAnnieAnnie, Miss Le Roux and Katharina. Their last litter of the year came on November 30, 2005 when Jasper, Hector, Tabatha, Beatrice and Jemima were born. Zorilla and Aragorn were going on their second year as the dominant pair of the Commandos. Their next litter came on August 10, 2006 when Zorilla gave birth to Wilson, Samba, Max, Moritz and Sereina. Then on December 23, 2006 she gave birth to Whiskey, Munro, Celidh and Coop. This was the last litter that Aragon had fathered. Aragorn was the dominant male for three years until he was last seen probably killed by a predator and his son, Ketamine, took over dominant male role. Disease struck at Aragorn's Commandos and both Zorilla and most of the Whiskers males died. His family the Commandos were considered lost in June 2009. However his eldest daughter Benzedrine became the dominant female of the Sequoia.


First litter born on January 30, 2005, mothered by Zorilla

Ketamine (VCDM001) Last seen in October 2007, former natal dominant male of the Commandos.

Benzedrine (VCDF002) Deceased, died in March 2013, helped formed the Kung Fu and was former dominant female of the Sequoia

Ethylene (VCDF003) Disappeared in March 2005.

Second litter born on June 15, 2005, mothered by Kleintjie

Drew (VCDM007) Last Seen in April 2007.

Mo (VCDM005) Last Seen in July 2006.

Phoebe (VCDF008) Predated in October 2005.

Rusty (VCDM006) Died in September 2006.

Third litter born on September 12, 2005, mothered by Zorilla

Flash (VCDM009) Last Seen in October 2007.

Miss Le Roux (VCDF012) Deceased, died in December 2006.

AnnieAnnieAnnie (VCDF011) Last Seen in June 2009, former dominant female of the Geckos.

VCDM010, Lost in October 2005.

Katharina (VCDF013) Last Seen in January 2008.

Fourth litter born on November 30, 2005, mothered by Zorilla

VCDM014, Lost in October 2005.

Jasper (VCDM015) Last Seen in October 2007.

VCDF016, Lost in February 2006.

Hector (VCDM017) Last Seen in October 2007.

Tabatha (VCDM018) Last Seen in January 2008.

Beatrice (VCDF019) Last Seen in July 2008, gave birth to the first grandchildren in the Commandos.

Jemima (VCDF020) Last Seen in September 2009, helped form the Geckos.

Fifth litter born on February 19, 2006, mothered by Zorilla

Danger Wank (VCDM021) Last Seen in December 2007.

Suzi Two-Tone MacFloozie (VCDF022) Last Seen in October 2009, former dominant female of the Geckos.

Fizgig  (VCDF023) Last Seen in January 2008.

Baldersnatch (VCDM024) Last Seen in December 2007.

Labiathon (VCDF025) Predated in May 2006.

Sixth litter born on August 10, 2006, mothered by Zorilla

Wilson (VCDM026) Deceased, died in June 2007.

Sereina (VCDF027) Last Seen in April 2009.

Max (VCDM028) Last Seen in February 2008.

Moritz (VCDM029) Last Seen in February 2008.

Samba (VCDF030) Last Seen in April 2009.

Seventh litter born on December 23, 2006, mothered by Zorilla

Whiskey (VCDM031) Last Seen in May 2008.

Munro (VCDM032) Last Seen in January 2008.

Celidh (VCDF033) Died of TB in June 2009, last dominant female of the Commandos.

Coop (VDCM034) Last Seen in April 2009.


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Aragon on sentry

Young Ones Mob

Commandos Mob

Zorilla Gattaca