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Arah Drie Doring
Formerly of the Young Ones
Date of Birth
September 4, 1994
Date of Death
November 14, 1998
Cause of Death
VDF001 and unknown
Keros and VDM008
Stinker Young Ones, Morris Young Ones, Dorf Young Ones, Moppet Young Ones, Darwin Young Ones, Durnik Young Ones, Venus Young Ones, Jarvis Young Ones, Megan Young Ones, Hunca Munca Young Ones and Presephone Young Ones
Known For
Vivian and Young Ones founder
Also Known As
Father of Stinker

Drie Doring

Arah(VDM007) was from the Drie Doring group first seen in 1994. His mother was VDF001, the dominant female, and his father was an unknown male possiblely the dominant male of the Drie Doring at the time. His litter consisted of his two brothers Keros(VDM009) and VDM008. The three brothers survived their first year within the Drie Doring. As an adult male Arah started to take to roving shortly after his first birthday. In October 1995, barely a month after his first birthday, a group of wild males joined the Drie Doring and drove out all the natal-males over a year of age. Arah left the Drie Doring for good along with his brothers Keros and VDM008.


The three brothers came across a lone female named Vivian and founded the Vivian Mob.  VDM008 became the dominant male, however Keros and Arah did not stay in the Vivian for long and soon left to go roving. The two brothers came across two Avatar females in late 1995.

Young Ones

They stayed together and founded the Young Ones. The two Avatar females were Morgause and Igraine. In the confusion of no dominant pair Arah mated with Morguase. Finally Morgause became the dominant female and Keros became the dominant male over Arah. He fathered Morgause's first litter which consisted of Stinker and Morris, VYM007 and VYF006. Arah helped out with the pups and surpisenly even though Igraine also had a litter, all the pups survived with just four adults tolook after them. Arah remained in the Young Ones, yet conituned to rove. In November 1997, Keros died leaving the dominant male position open. Arah established dominance, being the only other unrelated male in the group. On Janaury 21, 1998 Morgause gave birth to Muppet, Dorf and Hunca Munca. This was Arha's first litter as a dominant. Moraguse gave birth to a singal male pups in May however this pup was later lost. Morgause became pregnant again and gave birth to Morgause gave birth to Venus, Javis and Merlin on July 31, 1998. Arah's last litter came on October 29 1998 when Moraguse gave birth to Darwin, Presephon, one female and male pup who sadly were lost. Arah's reign only lasted a year. On November 14, 1998 Arah died. After three years in the Young Ones before his death. His son Morrris left the group to form the Nemesis Mob. His most famous son Stinker became the dominant male of the Vivian for several years. Althought the Young Ones, Nemesis and Vivian mobs were lost, Arah's blood-line still lives on in the meerkat mobs today.


Drie Doring Mob

Young Ones Mob

Stinker Young Ones