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Aramis(VWF016) was born into the Whiskers Mob on October 3, 1999. Her mother was Holly and her father was Argon. She had three litter-mates, Athos(VWM015), VWP017 and Porthos(VWM018). VWP017 sadly died as a pup. She and her brothers, survived to adulthood. Her mother Holly gave birth to a new litter on the 15th March 2000, to Flower, Petal, Hazel and Thumper. Three of the pups survived to adulthood, but sadly, Petal was taken by a bird of prey on April 7, 2000. Aramis and the other females cared for the pups. The group slowly expanded. Her mother Holly died and Risca took dominance in the group however Risca could not keep the females from breeding and soon several females including Aramis were pregnant by early 2001. Aramis gave birth but lost her pups to another female named Artemis, who gave birth to a surviving litter. Risca started to evicted females from the group first starting with Artemis and Aphrodite. Then in June all the adult Whisker males had taken to roving and a group of eleven Vivian males joined the Whiskers. Risca started to evict more females, and this time she evicted Aramis along with her sister Zola.


The two females soon were joined by the returning Whisker males who were displaced by the Vivian males, and formed the Hobgoblin Mob. The former dominant male of the Whiskers Beetle established dominance. Zola was older so she took dominance. The other males were Aramis' two brother Athos and Porthos, cousin Lancelot, brothers Dennis Wise, Tama, Thumper, Hazel, Rangi, Montgomery and Orgali. The males stayed with the females from June until September when none of the females became pregnant. The Whiskers males took to roving and nenver returned leaving just the two females. It looked like the end for the Hobgoblin, and the group was no longer followed. However then were seen again in 2002 in the occompanied by a small group of Balrog rovers, who hadn't been fully habutated yet. Again, the Balrog males left them to find breeding opportunities elsewhere since Zola and Aramis were both pregnant. Dispite not having any helpers, Zola and Aramis managed to raise their first litters to adulthood. Then some wild males joined the group. However, dispite having a small handful of members, the Hobgoblin was soon Last Seen on March 30, 2002 after the lost of the dominant pair. Aramis was Last Seen on March 30, 2002.


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