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Arcee JaXX


Date of Birth
September 19, 2009
Date of Death
September 2013
Cause of Death
Last Seen
Diana and Unknown
Megan Fox and VJXM020
Known For
Megan Fox's sister
Also Known As
A roving JaXX Female

Arcee(VJXF019) was born on September 19, 2009, into the JaXX. Her mother was Diana, the dominant female, and her father was an unknown rover, possibly a Whiskers male named Rhogan Josh. Arcee had one litter-mate sister named Megan Fox(VJXF018) and one brother, VJXM020, a male who sadly died at only two months old. But Arcee and her sister Megan Fox survived to adulthood. In December 2010, Acree went roving for unrelated males and fell pregnant. Her sisters Megan Fox and Dikkop also fell pregnant. All three females were evicted from the group in January 2011 and aborted their litters. In July 2011 Arcee was evicted from the group again but was allowed to rejoin. A month later Arcee was pregnant, along with Dikkop and the dominant female Diana. The older females became violent towards Arcee and as a result Arcee aborted her litter. In October 2011 Arcee was evicted for the third time, along with her sister Megan Fox and four other females. Three of the females, including Arcee's sister Megan Fox, were not allowed to rejoin the mob. They formed the Cave Men Mob in November 2011. That same month Arcee was evicted again but allowed to return. In January 2012 Arcee was pregnant again but she aborted her litter. In July 2012 Arcee was evicted again and was not allowed to return until September. By then she was pregnant, but she aborted her litter. For the rest of the year Arcee became a regular target for eviction. In January 2013 Arcee was pregnant again. But she aborted her litter after being evicted from the group. By this time Arcee was the oldest subordinate female in the group and served as one of the primary babysitters. However, in September 2013 she was evicted from the group and never returned. She was considered Last Seen.


JaXX Mob

Diana Lazuli

Megan Fox JaXX