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Armanita Ditch Whiskers

Armanita Ditch Whiskers(VWF064).jpg

Date of Birth
February 22, 2004
Date of Death
December 14, 2006
Cause of Death
Known For
Being evicted by a subordinate female
Also Known As
Daisy on Meerkat Manor


Armanita Ditch Whiskers(VWF064) was born on February 22, 2004 in the Whiskers Mob. Her mother was Flower and her father was Yossarian, they were the dominant couple at the time. Her litter-mates were Monkulus(VWF063), Lucky(VWF66), Zarathustra(WVM067) and Pozzo(VWM065). The ltter faced a great threat from Mozart and Tosca, two pregnant subordinates in the Whiskers. However, neither female attempted to kill Armanita Ditch or her siblings. In June 2004 Armanita Ditch's sister Lucky broke her leg and was predated. The rest of the litter survived to adulthood. In December 2005 Armanita became pregnant for the first time. However, she aborted her litter within the same month. In March 2006 Armanita was pregnant again, but she sadly lost her litter. In April 2006 Armanita became the victim of a very rare event. She was evicted from the group for the first time, but not by her dominant female, Flower. She was kicked out by Cruise, her pregnant half-sister. Within the same month Armanita managed to return to the Whiskers and Cruise was evicted as punishment for her insubordination. In July 2006 Armanita and five other females were evicted from the group by Flower. Two of those females, Super Furry Animal and Monkulus, returned to the group. But Armanita and the rest of the females were not allowed back. In August 2006 the evicted females joined up with roving males from the Lazuli and Young Ones to form a new mob.


The new group was called the Starsky. Armanita's older sister Kinkaju became the dominant female while JD took the role of dominant male. The Starsky lived in between larger families and so they struggled to hold on to territory. The group became infected with tubercolosis. In December 2006, JD and Armanita both sadly died of the disease. The rest of the Starsky eventually died out. 

Meerkat Manor

Armanita Ditch had a brief role in one episode of Meerkat Manor. The the episode Balance of Power from season 2, she played as the subordinate female Daisy. She was seen trying to avoid her dominant mother Flower, who was behaving aggresively due to her pregnancy. In her attempts to avoid Flower, she accidently stumbled into her pregnant sister Mozart(Cruise). She was violently attacked by Mozart and driven out of the group. Later on Daisy tried to rejoin the Whiskers, but Mozart and some other subordinates attacked her and evicted her once more. Flower witnessed the brutal attack but did not get involved. Daisy spent a night alone, sleeping in the burrow of a yellow mongoose. The following day she tailed the Whiskers and watched as Mozart was attacked by Flower. Following that Daisy managed to rejoin the group. Armanita Ditch's role as Daisy ended after that. Armanita appeared as an unnamed member of the Starsky in season 3, but otherwise had no further roles on the show.

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