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Arwen(VYF07?) was born in the Young Ones Mob on October 8, 2000. Her mother was Morgause and her father was Keros, who were the dominant couple at time. Her litter-mates are unknown but one was Aragorn(VYM073). Her brother later formed the Commandos Mob in 2004. Arwen didn't stay in the group till 2002 when she was evicted by her mother with four other females named Scaredy Cat, Mary Ellen, Ally and Tom.


In September 2002 the females were seen with ten Frisky males and formed the Pharside Mob. Arwen was the youngest of the females so she most likely did not became the dominant female. Soon all the males but two left the group and the last two males were kicked out by wild males. Arwen was the first to disappear on October 16, 2002 while the other females disappeared on November 17, 2002. The Pharside was lost.


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