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Ash(VJXM073) was born in March 2014 in the JaXX. His mother was a subordinate female named Paddle Pop and his father was an unknown rover, possibly one from Lazuli. Ash was born in a litte of four, his litter-mates were VJXM072, Gravaigu(VJXF074) and Kazeh(VJXM075). Paddle Pop and three other females had just returned to the group after beign evicted and forming a small female evitee group, in which Cheesy Puff had given birth in. However her litter was lost. Luckily for Ash, all the other females had abort or lost their litters. With no other pups in the group and having none of her own Kaveh and his siblings chances of survival were higher. A month later VJXM072 was lost, however the three remaining pups survived. Paddle Pop was evicted and went absent by the end of the month and was never seen again. The pups were looked after by the rest of the group and survived their first few months. In August of that year dominant female and Ash's grandmother Diana died and the group's eldest females began to compete for dominance. That same month Gravaigu disappeared leaving Ash and his brothe Kazeh as the last of their litter. In July 2015 Ash went roving for the first time in his life along with his brother Kazeh and younger cousins. Ash stayed with the group for about two years, occassionally roving from time to time and helping out with the pups. Soon he and his brother Ash became the eldest subordinate males in the group. In February 2016 Ash left the group along with his brother Kazeh, ChewbaccaPoletje and Paddington and joined a rival group.


The new group was the Ewoks and Kazeh became the new dominant male alongside Edzna. All the subordinate males began to rove and disper to other group. However in August Kazeh died and Ash quickly established dominance in the absent of other males. Poletjie rejoined the group in September but didn't challenge Ash for the dominant position until October when Ash went roving and Poletje took this oppertunity to overthrow him. Sadly, after that Ash was never seen again, probably succumbing to TB.


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