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The Asphodel Mob was formed in 2002 by four evicted Whiskers and two wild rovers. The new group founded on land that belonged to the much bigger Balrog. Shortly after the group established the Balrog moved back to that part of the territory and chased out the smaller Asphodel meerkats. The group had one litter but the pups didn't survive. With no pups and bigger mobs around, the smaller Asphodel had a harder time surviving and establishing a territory. After an encounter Asphodel meerkats, a Whiskers, a Gattaca and Vivian rovers spent the night in a burrow together but departed ways the following morning. The males soon left to rove for better mating opportunities and the females slowly began to disapeared. The Asphodel Mob was lost. However one of the Whiskers females appeared at the Vivian and over time the members let her into the group.

Dominant Pair

The dominant female position was mostly taken by the oldest females. In this group Smithers was the oldest of the females however her niece Ugly Pup was only 28 days younger. The domiant female position was most likely taken by Smithers or Ugly Pup. Smithers disappeared before Ugly Pup with another female so Ugly Pup may have been the dominant female and evicted her. The Dominant male position was most likely taken by the oldest wild male.

All Known Members

A list of meerkats who were born or joined the Asphodel.

Smithers (VWF029)

Ugly Pup (VWF031)

Mi Julie (VWF036)

Rydapuni (VWF034)








The Aspodel's main rival was the Balrog Mob. The Asphodel had formed on Balrog land and consistantly chased the Asphodel off their territory. Their other rivals were the Gattaca and Whiskers but the Asphodel never encounter any other mobs.


July 2002: Smithers, Ugly Pup, Mi Julie and Rydapuni temaed up with VAAM001 and VAAM002.

In-between August 2002 and September 2002: One of the female sgave birth to VAAP003, VAAP004, VAAP005 and VAAP006 but the pups were killed by the Whiskers. The two wild males left the group.

October 2002: Smithers and Mi Julie disappeared.

November 2002: Ugly Pup disappeared leaving only Rydapuni as the last members.

In-between December 2002 and June 2003: The Asphodel was Lost when Rydapuni disappeared. However she appeared at the Vivian mob a number of times before she was able to join the group.

July 2003: Rydapuni died or disappeared.