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Attila Vivian

Attila VVM036.jpg

Date of Birth
February 25, 1999
Date of Death
October 30, 2003
Cause of Death
Last Seen
Known For
Vivian male who joined the Whiskers
Also Known As
Alexander's brother


Attila(VVM036) was born on February 25, 1999 in the Vivian. His mother was Vivian and his father was Stinker. He was born with two litter-mates brothers named Alexander(VVM037) and Genghis(VVM035). The Vivian was a large sized mob at the time, with plenty of adults so the pups were well looked after. Attila survived to adulthood with his two brothers. After reaching maturity Attila started to go roving with the older males. After two years of living in the mob Attila left the group. He and his brothers Basil, Izit, Zaphod, Yossarian, Alexander, Genghis, Phooey, and nephews Zazu, Govinda and Patis all left together.


The eleven males came across another group known as the Whiskers. The Whiskers had recently lost their dominant male and all the natal males had taken to roving, so the Vivian males easily settled in. The dominant female at the time was Risca. All the Vivian males competed for dominance. Eventually Izit took dominance, even though Basil was older. Basil soon left the group and joined Lazuli. The remaining subordinate males continued to rove but always returned to the Whiskers. In August 2001 Izit was overthrown and the males once again competed for dominance He was involed in fights for dominance. Atilla was badly beaten during the fights and recieved big injuries to his head and neck. Eventually, Zaphod became the new dominant male. In September 2001 Izit and Grenghis left the group, leaving six Vivian males remaining in the Whiskers. Zaphod held dominance for a year before the Vivian males started to challange him. Attila however did not compete as ferociously as the other males. Yossarian overthrew Zaphod in February 2003 and became the new dominant male. Yossarian proved to be an aggresive leader and was often seen attacking other males, including Attila, when they returned from roving. Phooey challanged Yossarian for dominance in October 2003 but lost. Attila and Phooey were driven out of the group by Yossarian and were both Last Seen on October 30, 2003.


Vivian Mob

Whiskers Mob