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Aurinko Young Ones

Aurinko VYM122.jpg

Date of Birth
March 4, 2005
Date of Death
May 14, 2007
Cause of Death
Last Seen
Mia Moya or Lisani and an unknown male
Known For
Mating with Flower
Also Known As


Aurinko Eating a Lizard

was born into the Young Ones Mob on March 4, 2005. He was born into a mixed litter of eight. His mother was either Mia Moya or Lisani and his father was an unknown male. His litter-mates were his four brothers Salis(VYM121), Louilou(VYM123), Sepp(VYM125) and Cube(VYM126) and three sisters Maja(VYF127), Heidi(VYF124) and Lotte(VYF128). Sadly, Heidi and Louilou didn't last long, they both died in May 2005. Maja was then predated on August 26, 2005. Aurinko and his remaining litter-mates managed to survive the rest of the year. In early 2006 Mia Moya and Lisani were both Last Seen, along with Aurinko's litter-mates Cube and Salis, leaving only three members of the litter, Aurinko, Lotte and Sepp, alive. In July 2006 Sepp started roving. He joined up with Whiskers rovers, Yossarian and Zarathustra, to rove at the Lazuli. Sadly, he was caught by the group and killed. His ally, Zarathustra, made it back to the Whiskers alive, but Yossarian disappeared and was presumed dead. This left Aurinko as the sole surviving male of his litter. On November 25, 2006, Aurinko had his first roving trip. He roved at the Whiskers and mated with their dominant female Flower, five days after she had given birth to Ren and Stumpy. Flower fell pregnant but aborted due to a snake bite in January 2007. On May 14, 2007, Aurinko disappeared during the morning during foraging and was never seen again. His fate was never discovered.

Meerkat Manor

Aurinko was featured on the third season of Meerkat Manor as a Zappa(Young Ones) roving male named Houdini. Young Ones meerkats were often used for Zappa footage since the real Zappa lived far away and never encountered the Whiskers. Aurinko's character appeared in the opening intro and was said to be "a trouble-maker causing mayhem on the Manor". In the second version of the intro, following Flower's death, this was changed to "The Don Juan of the Desert". Aurinko played Houdini in the episode The Death of Romance, where he infultrated the Whiskers and mated with Flower. Houdini was caught in the act by Zaphod, but escaped unharmed. Houdini returned in the following episode, The Tale of Len and Squiggy, after the Whiskers had split up and mated with the new dominant female Rocket Dog, however the footage used was simply a repeat of the previous episode. Following this episode Aurinko had no further role on the show. Houdini was later played by a real Zappa male named Dougal.


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