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Babbalina Balrog
No consistent partner
Birth date
12th May 2004
5th August 2006
Death cause
Basta Balrog(VBM050) and Dirty Sanchez Balrog(VBM052).
Known for
The younger sister of Babbelas

Babbalina Balrog was born into the Balrog Mob on the May 12, 2004. Her mother was Velvet. She was born in a litter. Babbalina's mother Velvet was dominant in the Balrog for a while until she died and Babbelas who was only nine months old took over as dominant female. On the 16th May 2005, Babbalina and her older sister Babbelas gave birth to a total number of six pups. Their pups were killed by an encounter with a wild group. Babbelas and Babbalina were pregnant again. Babbelas gave birth, but Babbalina aborted her litter. On the 11th February 2006, Babbelas who was the dominant female succumbed to Tuberculosis (TB). Priscilla took over as dominant female. Mussolini, Priscilla and Babbalina gave birth, but only two of Priscilla's pups survived. On the 18th August 2006, Priscilla dies from from Tb, leaving Mussolini as dominant female. After the previous natal dominant male died, Chino (VBM056) took over as dominant male. On the 15th August 2006, Babbalina and the dominant male Chino succumbed to TB.