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Babbelas(VBF0039) was born on May 12, 2004 in the Balrog Mob. Her mother was Velvet and her father was Balrog the dominant couple of the Balrog. Babbelas was born in a litter of four with two sisters VBF040 and Babbalina(VBF042) and one brother VBM041 but sadly both VBF040 and VBM041 died as pups. They were Velvet's first surviving litter ever. Two months before they were born, Babbelas' aunt Viv'e had given birth to a litter. Three months after Babbelas was born her mother gave birth to a litter of three pups. When Babbelas was nine month old her mother died. Babbelas won dominant female over her three month older cousin Mussolini. Babbelas was only nine months old at the time while Mussolini was eleven months old, this made Babbelas the youngest dominant female and she held the record as the youngest dominant female untill August 2012. On May 16, 2005 Babbelas and her sister Babbalina gave birth to a mix litter of six pups, VBP049, Busta, VBP051, Dirty Sanzhez, VBP052, VBP053. , that same month a wild group raided the burrow and killed VBP052, VBP049, VBP051 and VBP053 leaving only Busta and Dirty Sanzhez as the only survivors. That same month Babbelas' father Balrog died and leaving Babbelas'older half brother Mbabane as the new dominant male. He remained the dominant male for only two months then he and all the adult males left the group in July and disappeared. A singal rover named Stinker joined the group and became the dominant male for five days before he was kicked out by four wild males. One of the wild males Chino became the dominant male and Babbelas's new mate. Mussolini became pregnant and gave birth in September to a successful litter. Babbelas gave birth in October 2005 to one pup but the pup was soon predated while out foraging. In February 2006 Babbelas died of disease, her young sister Priscilla took over as dominant female. Babbelas had been the dominant female of the Balrog for a year.


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