(VAZM034) was born in either March 1, 2011 in the Aztecs Mob. His mother was Monkulus the dominant female and his father was an unknown rover. His litter-mates were Aurora(VAZM032), Scratte(VAZF033), Trinity(VAZM035), Cinnamon(VAZF036), VAZP037 and VAZP038. That same month the long-term dominant male Zaphod sadly died of old age a few days after the pups were born. Sadly VAZP037 and VAZP038 were predated shortly after the pups emerged. The remaining five pups survived their first year. Strangely Bachi's brother Aurora went roving in October 2011 when he was just seven months old. Bachi never went roving during his time in the Aztecs. Sadly Bachi died in May 2012 from unknown causes.


Aztecs Mob

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