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Balrog Balrog
Formerly of the Balrog
Date of Birth
First Seen: July 1, 2001
Date of Death
May 3, 2005
Cause of Death
Died of Old Age
Mbabane Balrog, Jacaranda Balrog, Sobantu Balrog, Kali Balrog, Shongolongo Balrog, Mojadji Balrog,Babbelas Balrog, Babbalina Balrog, Priscilla Balrog, W. Ford Doolittle Balrog, Irish Balrog. etc...
Known For
First Dominant Male of the Balrog
Also Known As
Dominant Male of the Balrog

When the Balrog first became habituated in 2001, the dominant male was then named Balrog(VBM004) after the mob, or the mob was named after him. His mate was the dominant female Luella(VBF003). Balrog was believed to be four to six years old at the time, and Luella might have been the same age. Balrog and Luella might have produced some litters before the group was habituated or during but no data could be collected until full habituation. On October 31, Luella gave birth to one female, Jacaranda, and four males named Sobantu, Kali, Mbabane, and Mojadji. The two were the dominanct pair for almost a year, until Luella became sick with TB and died. The group had only two females, but one later died as well. Now the group was made up of all males but one female. Soon after that, five Vivian females join the group. Velvet took dominance next to Balrog. The other females were Velvet's sisters Viv'e, Uacarci, Mangaby, and Sifaka. Two and half months after the five Vivian females joined, they all gave birth to a litter or aborted. The father of the litters remains unknown since there were so many males in the group. Some of the pups were Cinders, Gretel, Hansel, and Rapunzel, who were Mangabey's pups, whose father was Barlog. Only Hansel made it to adulthood, while his siblings died. All of Viv'e's three pups survived. Over the next three years, the Vivian females tried to raise their pups, but had a tough time doing so. Viv'e gave birth to Gadafi, Mussolini, and Castro. Then Velvet gave brith to a litter of pups, but only two survived. The two pups were Babbelas and Babbalina. Velvet evicted her sisters from the Balrog. They disappeared later on. Velvet gave birth to Priscilla, Ford Doolittle, and Irish. In early 2005, Velvet died. Balrog remained in the group though; all the females were most likey related to him. Mussolini was the oldest female, but Babbelas won dominance over her. On May 3, 2005, Balrog was found died in a sleeping chamber, and he most likely died of old age. His son Mbabane took male dominance after him. The Balrog lived on for another two years after him.


Balrog Mob

Luella Balrog

Velvet Vivian

Babbelas Balrog