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was born in February 3, 2011 in the Ewoks. Her mother was McDreamy the dominant female and her father was the dominant male Tigi. She was born with three litter-mates, her one brother Lorax(VEKM007) and two sisters Truffula(VEKF008) and Thneed(VEKF009). They were the first surviving litter born in the Ewoks. Before Bar-Ba-Loot was born, McDreamy had evicted all the subordinate females who had disappeared leaving McDreamy as the only adult female. The Ewoks was a vary small mob with only eight members four adults and four pups, however despite their small numbers all four pups survived their first few months. In September McDreamy gave birth to a signal female pup VEKF011. That same month Thneed was predated at eight months old. Bar-Ba-Loot wasn't old enough to help her mother with the new pup. In January 2012, sadly VEKF011 was predated and one of the adult males had disappeared however good news, McDreamy was pregnant again. In Febraury 2012, Bar-Ba-Loot turned a year old and was finally a full grown adult meerkat. She could now help her mother out with her pups and take sentry duties while the group was foraging. Bar-Ba Loot lived in the Ewoks without much event for the next year. Bar- Ba-Loot became pregnent for the first time in February 2013. Sadly, she aborted the next month. Around this time, Bar-Bar-Loot started to evicted whenever McDreamy was pregnant. In January 2014, Bar-Ba-Loot, Truffula and McDreamy all were pregnant, McDreamy had aleady evicted Truffula a month before and she then evicted Bar-Ba-Loot to safe-guard her unborn pups. Bar-Ba-Loot joined up with her sister Truffula and were absent from the group.


In February 2014, the two females were seen in the company of two wild males. The group was called and called the Quintessentials Mob. Dominance had not yet been determine and both females were pregnant. Bar-Ba-Loot gave birth to VQLP001 and VQLP002 in February a few days after the group had been discovered. Despite having pups, she still competed with her sister for dominance. Truffula gave birth within the following month of March, and Bar-Ba-Loot started to show signs of being pregnant again. She gave birth in April, making it difficult to determine who the mother of each of the five pups. Sadly two of the pups VQLP006 and VQLP007 were lost in July and Truffula finally established dominance after beating Bar-Ba-Loot in to submission. Bar-Ba-Loot was forced to take a subordinate role and help her sister with her new litter. In September both females were pregnant and one of the wild males had left leaving European Bob as the dominant male. Bar-Ba-Loot and Truffula both gave birth in October, however Bar-Ba-Loot was evicted and absent from the mob leaving the dominant pair as the only adults in the mob. Bar-Ba-Loot was considered Last Seen in September 2015, but also listed as predated in December 2015.


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