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Beatrice Commandos

Beatrice(VCDF019) was born in the Commandos on the 30th of November, 2005. Her mother was Zorilla, and her father was Aragorn. She was born into a large litter, including three brothers VCDM014, Jasper(VCDM015), Hector, and three sisters Tabatha(VCDM018), VCDF016, and Jemima(VCDF020). Beatrice was easily distinguishable due to her unusual, additional nipple (she had 7 instead of 6). Her father died in 2007, and her older brother Ketamine took over as dominance male beside their mother, Zorilla. In October, 2007, five Whiskers males immigrated into the group and kicked out Ketamine, Flash, Jasper, Hector, Danger Wank, Baldersnatch, and Moritz. Zarathustra, the oldest Whiskers male, established dominance. Following this event, Zorilla evicted Kleintjie, Benzedrine, AnnieAnnieAnnie, Beatrice, Jemimi, Suzi Two-Tone MacFloozie, Fizgig, and Sereina. Klientjie and Benzedrine formed the Kung Fu mob while AnnieAnnieAnnie, Jemima, and Suzi Tow-Tone MacFloozie formed the Geckos. Beatrice managed to return to the group along with Fizgig and Sereina. However, in January 2008, both Fizgig and Sereina were Last Seen. That same month, Beatrice and Zorilla were both pregnant. In February, 2008, Beatrice gave birth to Everest(VCDM039), Cho(VCDF040), Kili(VCDF041), and VCDF042. VCDF042 was sadly predated in April. In July 2008, Beatrice became pregnant again but aborted her litter and was evicted by Zorilla. The next month, she was Last Seen. Her daughter, Kili, became pregnant and gave birth to two pups, VCDP053 and VCDP054, in March 2009. Sadly, neither survived. In June, 2009, Cho died (possibly from TB, the group was infected at the time) and the Commandos were lost.


Zorilla and Beatrice (Meerkat Manor).

Mother: Zorilla

Father: Aragorn

Brothers: VCDM014, Jasper and Hector

Sisters: Tabatha, VCDF016, and Jemima

Grandmothers: Risca and Morgause

Grandfathers: Izit and Keros

Great Gandmothers: Brambles, Mabili, and Vivian

Great Grandfathers: Argon and Stinker

Children: Everest, ,,Cho, Kili and VCDF042

Grandchildren: VCDP053 and VCDP054

Meerkat Manor

Venus(Beatrice) Grooming Nikita(Zorilla).

On Meerkat Manor: The Next Generation, Beatrice played as the Commandos female Venus. Venus made a brief appearance in the episode "Great Expectations" as a subordinate under Nikita(Zorilla). When Nikita became pregnant, Venus was seen submitting obsessively, but nevertheless, she was kicked out of the group. Unusually, Zorro(Zarathustra) assisted Nikita in evicting Venus from the Commandos. Out of the many females evicted, Venus was the only one Nikita allowed to return, solely for the sake of caring for the newest litter. However, Venus was too preoccupied trying to stay on Nikita's "good side" to be of much use. She was last seen on the show in the episode "To The Manor Born" grooming Nikita.


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