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Beetle Whiskers
Formerly of the Whiskers and Hobgoblin
Date of Birth
December 22, 1997
Date of Death
September 1, 2001
Cause of Death
Last Seen
Known For
Whisker Founder
Also Known As
Dominant male of the Whiskers and Hobgoblin


Beettle(VWM001) was born December 22, 1997 and later was brought to the Kalahari Meerkat Project, where he was later released in April 1998. Being only five months old, Beetle's chances of survival on his own were low, however he was released near a group of four evicted Young Ones females. who he met up with, and later they were joined by two Lazuli males. The small group stayed together and set the foundation for the Whiskers. Beelte was far too young to compete for dominance so one of the Lazuli males named Argon became the dominant male. Beetle survived in his new mob and reach his first birthday. Then a few months later the Whiskers encountered a Lazuli female, Argon's sister, VLF005 who had been seperated from the X-iles Mob. The Whiskers chased her away, however later on Beetle left the Whiskers and was seen mating with her. Beetle returned to the Whiskers soon after. In July 2000, Beetle and Delpheus stay with three evicted Youngones females for a while but eventually return to Whiskers. Then in Septembe the dominant female Holly died after a predator attack and Argon's daughter named Risca established dominance. In October 2000 after Delpheus and Argon joined with females to form QQ, Beetle and Lancelot compete for dominance but also rove. In November 2000 Beetle establishes himself as dominant male, however he didn't breed with Risca although she was probably unrelated to him. Beetle and the other Whisker males continuted to rove and finally left the Whiskers by mid 2001, soon after a large group of Vivian males joined the Whiskers.


Beetle and a large number of Whiskers natal- males were unable to rejoin the Whiskers but met up with two evicted Whisker females named Zola and Aramis to form the Hobgoblin Mob. Beetle established dominance, being the oldest and had already been dominant over the other males. The older of the two Whisker females Zola assumed the position of dominant female. Although Zola and Beetle were unrelated, they did not breed. The males conitued to rove however they remained in the group for a few months. Soon the males started to dispers and finally Beetle left the Hobgoblin with the last remaining Whisker males. Beetle was Last Seen September 1, 2001.


Whiskers Mob

Hobgoblin Mob