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Bestie(VTYM033) was born on September 3, 2010 in the Toyota. His mother and father was the dominant pair of the Toyota at the time Miss Lilly The Pink and Greegan. His litter-mates were Cantona(VTYM034), Chimp(VTYF035) and VTYP036. At four weeks the pups started foraging with the adults, sadly while out foraging VTYP036 was predated in October. Bestie and his remaining litter-mates survived thei first three months. Sadly in December Greegan died of disease and in May 2012, Miss Lilly The Pink died from disease as well. The new dominan pair became Hoodwink and Paymister. Some members started to die off from disease and in July 2012 all the adult males were away from the mob roving, four rovers from the nearby JaXX joined the group. One of the males named Rococo became the dominant male however he was soon overthrown by Snickers. The JaXX males kicked Toyota males out of the mob and Cantona left the group with the other males. Bestie stayed in the group and his brother and sister made it to adulthood. In October 2012 Bestie and his younger sister Biff were predated.


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