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Bibdiddi(VPAM014) was First Seen in September 2013 when he and several other wild males join the Pandora. With the wild males was a long lost Van Helsing named Mr. Jacky. By October Bibdiddi had established himself as the dominant male. The Pandora had just lost their former dominant pair Toblerone and Pepper in September and Snowflake, who was pregnant at the time, re-established dominance over the group.  Snowflake gave birth in October to a successful litter, however she was soon taken by disease. The last Aztecs still in the group Molly assumed the alpha role and became Bidbiddi's mate.Molly gave birth to a successful litter in December and then again in June. Disease was still present in the group and took the lives of Mr. Jack and another wild male named Boo however the Pandora managed to raise their numbers with their successful litters. In August Molly was pregnant again, but she was predated leaving the dominant female position to Shoshonna. After a year of dominance Bidbiddi disappeared in late October 2014 without a trace. 


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