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Biff(VTYF037) was born in Janaury 2011 in the Toyota Mob. Her mother was Miss Lilly The Pink and her father was most likely Greegan the former dominant male of the Toyota. Biff was born in a large litter of five, her litter-mates one sister named Meerkitty(VTYF038) and her three brothers Kermit(VTYM039), Evil Betty(VTYM040) and Nabby(VTYM041). Greegan had died in December 2011 from disease so Biff never knew her father. The current dominant male at the time of Biff's birth was her older half brother Paymister. Biff and her litter survived their first three months without much event. Sadly in April 2012, Evil Betty was predated and Miss Lilly The Pink died from disease in May. Biff was too young to take dominance so her older sister Hoodwink became the dominant female. In that same month their mother had died, Meerkitty and Kermit disappeared and were conisdered Last Seen, leaving Nabby as her last litter-mate. In July a group of JaXX rover the group, with Rococo taking dominance, however he was soon overthrown by his older brother Snickers. In October 2011 sadly Biff and her older brother named Bestie were predated leaving Nabby as the sole survivor.


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