Biltong eating scorpion

Biltong eating scorpion

Biltong Young Ones


Date of Birth
July 8, 2004
Date of Death
August 2009
Cause of Death
Last Seen
Known For
Zaphod's possibly son, and brother of two great dominant meerkats

Young Ones

Biltong(VYM114) was born into the Young Ones Mob in July of 2004. His mother was Veda and his father was thought to have been Zaphod. Biltong had two litter-mates, his brother Teabag(VYM113) and sister Tequila(VYF115). His mother died a few months later and their aunt took over as dominant female of the Young Ones. Then Alexander, a Vivian male who had just left the Whiskers, joined the group and became the dominant male. Alexander was Zaphod's half brother making the Young Ones led by Biltong's aunt and uncle. They all survied their first few years in the Young Ones. Tequila got evicted by Asterix the dominant female with another female. Her son Shady tagged along. They formed the PQ with three Lazuli males. The group awas lost later to tuberculosis. Two of the Lazuli males and Shady then joined four evicted Whiskers females. Tequila later joined the Balrog group with a wild female meerkat but she died of tuberculosis some time later. She probably brought the disease to the group causing the down fall of mob. Biltong and his brother stayed in the Young Ones a few more years. They were some of the oldest males in the group. Then Biltong left the group on a roving expidition with his cousin Habusu and brother Teabag. They emigrated into the Elveera Mob.



Biltong in the Elveera

Habusu was the oldest male and won dominance beisde Jo Jo Hello the dominant female. They started to produce litters. Biltong never won dominace even after the disapearance of Habusu and the death of Jo Jo Hello. Teabag won dominance of the Elveera beisde the new dominant female, Jo Jo Hello's daughter, Chibuku Scud. The Elveera died out of the T but three males escaped the disease by roving before they got it. Biltong  and another meerkats splinter from the group and were Last Seen. Biltong could be still alive as the dominant male of the splinter

Biltong on guard


Mother: Veda.

Father: Zaphod.

Sister: Tequila.

Brother: Teabag.

Gandmothers: Morgause and Vivian.

Gandfathers: Keros and Phoenix.

Great Grandmother: Tenuvial and Venus.

Great Grandfathers: Silks and unknown.


Young Ones Mob

Elveera Mob

Tequila Young Ones

Zaphod Vivian

Teabag Young Ones