Blondie Rascals

Blondie Rascals
Formerly of the Rascals
Date of Birth
April 2,2005
Date of Death
June 2009
Cause of Death
Last Seen
Yeca and Spofi
Skwodnee, Darg, Feild and Fool
Fable and Grus
Known For
Dominant Female of the Rascals after Yeca
Also Known As
Dominant Female of the Rascals


Rascals early morning.jpg
Rascals with either Yeca or Blondie wearing the radio collar.

was born on April 2, 2005 in the Rascals. Her mother was Yeca and her father was Spofi, the dominant pair of the Rascals at the time. She was born with one sister named Skwodnee(VRRF086) and three brothers named Darg(VRRM088), Feild(VRRM089) and Fool(VRRM090). All five pups survived to adulthood. Blondie started helping her mother with the pups and managed to stay inthe Rascals till soon she was one of the oldest females. After Yeca died, Blondie established dominance over the Rascals which consided of mostly males. Her father and sister died and in June 2007, another female named Nelly died. Blondie's older brother named Harvey assumed the role of dominant male in the absents of unrelated males. Things went well for the Rascals untill all the adultmales took to roving. In October 2007, Fable and Clinton Baptiste from the Frisky joined the Rascals while all the Rascals males were roving. Fable assumed dominance while Clinton Baptiste left to rove again. Fable sadly disappeared around the time two wild males named Hoki and Yebo!!! joined the group, Hoki assumed dominance. In January 2008, Freya disappeared while the three remaining females Blondie, Islay, and Tooey were all pregnant. They gave birth in February but each one's litter was lost. In March Yebo!! dissapeared and in April Hoki left the three females alone. In May three new wild males VRRM108, VRRM109 and VRRM110 joined the group. In July, Islay was pregnant and she gave birth in August to five pups. However by September four of the new pups were dead and her son Tigi was left as the only survivor. In November, two of the wild males dissapeared while Blondie gave birth to her first surviving litter of Rioja, Sancerre, Grigio, VRRP117 and VRRP119. VRRP117 and VRRP119 died shortly afterwards but the other three pups survived. Finally in December 2008 two new wild males joined the Rascals after the previous males disappeared. One of the males named Grus took over as the dominant male beside Blondie. In March 2009 Blondie gave birth to Crux, Vela, Ara, Lyra, Izar and VRRF127, six pups in all. In February 2009, Tooey and VRRM121 the othe wild males disappeared. In June 2009, Blondie was absent from her family and by July 2009 Blondie was listed as Last Seen. She had been the Rascals' dominant female for two years. Her younger sister Islay took over as the dominate female before she too died the following month leaving Blondie's ten month old daughter Sancerre to become the new dominate female of the Rascals.

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