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Bonnie (VWF209) was born into the Whiskers Mob on February 2nd, 2017. Her mother was the Dominant Female Swift and her father was most likely Brea the Dominant Male. She has four other litter-mates, all of them boys, they were Cleo (VWM205), Marahute (VWM206), Hay-Hay (VWM207) and Clyde (VWM208). The Whiskers at the time consisted of just the dominant pair along with sub-adults Arbutus and Buddleia. Despite the lack of adults they all survived their first few months and began to fend and forage for themselves. In June Clyde and Cleo went roving for the first time with older male Arbutus. In September 2017 Swift gave birth to VWP210, Bones (VWF211) and Pixie (VWM212) making Bonnie and her siblings not the youngest in the group now. Bonnie was now eight-months-old so she could help take care of the new pups. Bonnie is still alive and living in the Whiskers today.


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