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Bosse(VAZM053) was born in March 2012, in the Aztecs Mob. His mother was either the dominant female named Monkulus or one of the subrodinante females named Kathleen or Santa and his father was an unknown rover. He was born into a mixed litter, which included Wensleydale II(VAZF049), Ole(VAZM050), Lasse(VAZM051) and Inga(VAZF052). That same month, Bosse's possible mother Kathleen was evicted from the group. Following this in May 2012 Bosse's sister Wensleydale II was predated. In October 2012 the Aztecs split in half and Bosse was with the splint led by Kathleen. They were soon joined by four Sequoia males however after an encounter the Sequoia males joined the Aztecs instead. Bosse remained in the splinter group with two adult Aztec males named Chaka and Tabie. They took to roving, even though Bosse wasn't even a year old, while the females rejoined the Aztecs.


In November 2012 the Aztecs split again to form the Mayans. The three rovers came across the splinter and joined the group, however only Bosse remained in the group. Chaka and Tabie left, later Tabie rejoined the group and died from disease. In March 2013 Bosse was sadly Last Seen.


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