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Bracken was a wild meerkat from a wild group(thought to be Abba). He was first seen on January 17,2008 with two other wild males Greegan and Van Der Wethuizen and three Whiskers females Finn, Miss Lily The Pink and Ju Drop. The new group was called Toyota. Finn and Greegan took dominances. On January 28 2008. Finn and Miss Lily The Pink gave birth to a mix litter of 4 pups, Stop It, Morgs, VTYF005 and VTYP007. During the Winter Finn lose dominances to Ju Drop. Ju Drop then evicted Finn. Finn teamed up with Benzedrine a Commandos female. The two team up with Bracken and Van Der Wethuizen and form Sequoia. Bracken and Van Der Wethuizen left within a month and return to the Toyota, where they find Ju Drop and Miss Lily the Pink had given birth. In September Ju Drop disapeared and Miss Lily The Pink took over dominance. In December Van Der Wethuizen and Bracken started to rove again. Bracken disappeared and Van Der Wethuizen team up with three other males and joined Sequoia. He was last seen a few months later as was Bracken.

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