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Brambles Young Ones
Date of Birth
December 11, 1996
Date of Death
September 20, 1999
Cause of Death
Last Seen
Holly and VYM009
Known For
Holly's sister
Also Known As
Risca's mother

Young Ones

Brambles(VYF007) was born on December 11, 1996, into the Young Ones. Her parents were Morgause and Keros. Her litter-mates were Holly(VYF008) and VYM009. Brambles and her litter survived to adulthood. Morgause evicted the oldest females from the group who then formed the Frisky. Now Brambles and her sister were the oldest females in the group. Two years later, Brambles was evicted, along with her litter-mate Holly, Piglet, and VYF010. The females left Young Ones and met up with two Lazuli rovers, Argon and Delpheus, as well as a wild juvenile male named Beetle. They stayed together and formed a new group called the Whiskers.


In the confusion of no dominant female, Argon mated with Brambles. Holly and Brambles were the oldest females, and Brambles was ousted by her sister Holly. Argon and Holly became dominant pair of the Whiskers. On August 17 1998, Brambles gave birth to Rafiki, VWM003, Risca, and Mufassa. VWM003 disappeared later and was assumed predated on August 31 after emerging from the burrow. Brambles gave birth to one more litter on November 17, 1998. However, none of the pups survived; one pup VWP006 was killed above ground by either Holly or Piglet, who were both pregnant at the time. Holly gave birth and lost her litter a day later while Piglet gave birth to four pups. Holly then gave birth to her first litter of pups on July 14, 1999, to four pups, but one died. In September 1999, Brambles was evicted with her sister Piglet and her daughters Rafiki, Mufassa, and Risca; her daughter Risca rejoined the group. The other females disappeared; most likely the females joined up with wild males. Brambles was Last Seen on September 20, 1999. Risca eventually founded the Gattaca with her cousin Wahine and three Vivian males. Risca later became dominant female after Wahine was predated, and Risca was predated in August 2007 during the fall of the Gattaca. Some Gattaca females formed the Commandos. Brambles' blood-line still lives on in the Make-e-Plan and Namaqua.


Mother: Morgause

Father: Keros

Sister: Holly

Brother: VYM009

Mate: Argon

Chidldren: Rafiki, VWP003, Risca, and Mufassa


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Risca Whiskers

Risca Whiskers