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Brea Lazuli

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Yes, of the Whiskers
Date of Birth
September 12, 2009 [12 years]
Date of Death
N/A Still Alive
Cause of Death
N/A Still Alive
Jediah the Dragon Slayer, VWP193, Quebra Mola, VWP195, Candy, VWP201, Arbutus, Lavandula, Buddleia, etc...
Known For
Current oldest living KMP meerkat and longest reigning dominant male of the Whiskers
Also Known As
Fifteenth dominant male of the Whiskers


Brea (VLM157) was born in the Lazuli on September 12, 2009. His mother was Young, and his father was Wollow, the dominant pair at the time. Brea's litter-mates were VLM156, Griene Tsiis (VLF1158), and Grutte Pier (VLF159). All the pups survived their first few months, but in March 2010, VLM156 was predated, and in July that year, Grutte Pier was also predated. Brea and his remaining sister survived to adulthood. At that age, Brea started roving with the adult males. In November 2010, Brea went roving with his older brothers Franz and Rufio at the JaXX and met up with three evicted females.

Cave Men

Brea in 2013.

They all formed a new group called the Cave Men. The oldest of the females Dikkop assumed the dominant female role. Meanwhile, Brea, being the youngest of the males, had a small chance at dominance, yet he competed with his brothers regardless. An escaped pet juvenile male named Pet then joined the group, causing more competition for the role of dominant male. Eventually, Franz took the position, but he quickly disappeared and was replaced by Rufio. In September 2012, three more Lazuli males joined the group. Snowy took dominance while Dis-Grace and Cagliostro left to rejoin the Lazuli. Sadly, many of the pups born into the group did not survive, so the mob did not flourish. In February 2013, Dikkop disappeared and was presumed dead after looking very sick for several days. The last female pup was predated in March 2013, leaving the four remaining males to rove. Snowy briefly rejoined the Lazuli, while Pet, Rufio, and Brea went roving at JaXX, Toyota, and Whiskers. Brea and the other males kept roving until May 2013.


That month the four males came across the Whiskers, a small group that was down to just eight members: five males and three females. Rather than chase the rovers away, the entire group submitted to them, making it easy for Brea and the other males to join them. Being the oldest of all of the males, Snowy easily established dominance over his brothers as well as the natal males beside Enili. Brea didn't challenge him and instead became a regular rover. After the death of Enili, Pe'ahi became the next dominant female and Snowy was overthrown by Rufio. The group struggled to produce litters, and the males were often away roving. In October 2014, Brea overthrew Rufio and became a dominant male for the first time. Following this, the group became more stable and slowly began to produce litters. His mate Pe'ahi was predated, and her sister, Swift became his new mate. Brea’s partnership with Swift has proven to be a successful one, as they have produced many litters throughout the years. As of 2020, all formal updates on the Whiskers have ceased until further notice due to extensive filming of the group for the reboot of Meerkat Manor. Brea is still alive and living in the Whiskers today. He is currently the oldest living meerkat in the KMP study area and is also the longest reigning dominant male of the Whiskers, a record previously held by his great-grandfather, Zaphod.


Mother: Young

Father: Wollow

Grandmother: Alina and Mozart

Grandfather: Stinky and Bobby

Great-Grandmother: Cazanna, Flower and Grumpy

Great-Grandfather: Basil, Zaphod and Burgan

Great-Great-Grandmother: Ziziphus, Holly, Vivian and Mabili

Great-Great-Grandfather: Belgarion, Kine, Stinker, Phoenix and VDM015

Great-Great-Great-Grandmother: Venus, Morgause, VDF001 and Tenuvial

Great-Great-Great-Grandfather: VAM002, Keros, Arah, VDM001 and Ectorius


Arbutus and Brea (collared).

First litter born in December 2014, mothered by Pe'ahi

Jediah the Dragon Slayer (VWF192), Last Seen in March 2016

VWP193, Predated in December 2014

Quebra Mola (VWF194), Predated in February 2015

VWP195, Predated in February 2015

Candy (VWF196), Last Seen in February 2016

Second litter born in November 2015, mothered by Swift

VWP201, Predated in January 2015

Brea in 2017.

Third litter born in September 2016, mothered by Swift

Arbutus (VWM202), Still Alive living in the Whiskers 

Lavandula (VWM203), Last Seen in December 2015

Buddleia (VWF204), Still Alive living in the Whiskers

Fourth litter born in February 2017, mothered by Swift

Cleo (VWM205), Still Alive living in the Whiskers 

Marahute (VWM206), Still Alive living in the Whiskers 

Hay-Hay (VWM207), Still Alive living in the Whiskers 

Clyde (VWM208), Still Alive living in the Whiskers 

Bonnie (VWF209), Still Alive living in the Whiskers

Fifth litter born in October 2017, mothered by Swift

VPW211, Predated October 2017

Pixie (VWM211), Still Alive, living in Whiskers

Bones (VWF212), Still Alive, living in the Whiskers

Sixth litter born on May 2, 2018, mothered by Swift

Scuzi (VWM213)

Lilac (VWM214)

Jay A Rod (VWM216)

Crimson (VWF215)

Saspa (VWF217)

Seventh litter born in September 2018, mothered by Swift



Lazuli Mob

Cave Men Mob

Whiskers Mob