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Bridget(VQLF011) was born into the Quintessentials Mob in June 2014. Her mother was the dominant female Truffula and her father was the dominant male European Bob. She had two other litter-mates, Bernice(VQLF010) an Houdini(VQLM012). Despite the Quintessentials only consiting of four adults, two juveniles and three pups when Bridget was born, she and her two litter-mates survived to adulthood. In January 2015 at the age of seven-months Bridget, Bernice and older female Smellie were evicted, though, they were able to succsesfully make it into the group. She was evicted again in January 2016 and once again in February. At this point she was the oldest female in the group and one of her mothers main targets for eviction. In July 2016 Bridget was last seen along with Casper Jaggabubba and Zulus male Pi.


The trio would reappear in October 2016 and for the Make-e-Plan Mob. Bridget would take dominance alongside Pi. They had raised several succsessful litters. In August 2018, Pi was predated, leaving Bridget without a mate. In October 2018, a roving collision of Van Helsing males joined the group. The oldest male, Le Grand Obstacle established dominance and became Bridget’s new mate. Bridget was confirmed to be pregnant during the following month. She gave birth to a litter of three pups in December 2018. However, only one of them, Bigwig(VMPF022) survived beyond their first two months. Bridget was soon pregnant again in February 2019. During the same month, Le Grand Obstacle died of TB. Another Van Helsing male, Shamal(VVHM111) quickly assumed dominance in his place. In March, Bridget gave birth to a litter of six pups. She was quickly pregnant again in May 2019. In June, Bridget gave birth to a litter of three pups. In July 2019, Shamal succumbed to TB. His younger brother, Banksia(VVHM117) assumed dominance after him. Bridget was pregnant again in October 2019. She gave birth in November to a litter of five pups. She quickly became pregnant once again in January 2020. In February, Bridget gave birth to a litter of six pups. However, none made it beyond their first two months. She quickly became pregnant again and gave birth in April 2020 to a litter of five pups. Bridget was pregnant again in October 2020. She gave birth to a litter of five pups in November. Bridget quickly became pregnant again and gave birth a litter of seven pups in January 2021. She was pregnant again in March 2021, but aborted the litter during the following month. Bridget is still alive and living in the Make-e-Plan today as the dominant female.


Mother: Truffula

Father: European Bob

Grandmother: McDreamy

Grandfather: Tigi

Great-Grandmother: Benzedrine and Islay

Great-Grandfather: Clinton Baptiste

Great-Great-Grandmother: Zorilla, Yeca and Frascati

Great-Great-Grandfather: Aragorn, Spofi and The Dude

Great-Great-Great-Grandmother: Risca, Splash, Jubulani, Morgause and Imp

Great-Great-Great-Grandfather: Izit, Kine and Keros

Great-Great-Great-Great-Grandmother: Brambles, Vivian, Igraine, Venus, Bettik and VDF001

Great-Great-Great-Great-Grandfather: Argon, VDM008, Arah, VAM002, Mad Max and Stinker