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Bubble in Meerkat Manor.

Bubble(VLF113) was born in the Lazuli on September 30, 2005. Her mother was Cazanna and her father was the late dominant male Basil. She and her brother Thundercat(VLM114) were the last litter fathered by Basil before he passed away of TB two month prior. In October the pups had barely emerged and were being babysat by yearling Aretha. A rival gang named the Vivian attacked the babysitting burrow;  Rhian, the dominant female of the Vivian, crawled down the burrow and snatched up Bubble. She brought the hapless pup above ground, and sadly killed her. The Lazuli came back and chased away the Vivian, saving the life of Bubble's brother. Bubble died on October 20, 2005.

Meerkat Manor

Bubble was featured as one of the last pups of Big Si(Basil) on the third episode of Season 2, entitled "Young Blood". In the episode Bubble and her brother Squeak(Thundercat) were seen at the burrow being babysat by young female Meryline(Aretha). While the Lazuli were away, a rival gang called the Commandos(Vivian) came upon the burrow and set an attacked. Meryline was chased by several Commando members leaving Bubble and Squeak unguarded in the burrow. The dominant female of the Commandos Nikita(Rhian) killed Bubble, however the Commandos ran away when the Lazuli came back. Bubble's brother Squeak survived the raid along with an injured Meryline. Because of this, Rhian was later nicknamed "the pup-eater" on Meerkat Manor.


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