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Buck in 2012

was born in December 2009, into the Baobab Mob. His mother was Hawkeye and his father was an unknown male. Buck had three litter-mates, a sister Mum(VBBF053) and two brothers Sol-Leks(VBBP051) and Spitz(VBBP052). Sadly, in April 2010, Buck's sibling Spitz and mother Hawkeye died leaving Buck's aunt Cruise as the dominant female. That same month Sol-Leks was predated leaving Buck with just his sister Mum. The two siblings survived through their first year and became adults. In January 2011, the Baobab split, Buck's sister Mum was separated from the rest of the meerkats and was Last Seen, leaving Buck as the last survivor of his litter. Buck soon started to rove in June 2011. In late 2012, Buck started to rove more and more with other Baobab males and became one of the ragular rovers. Buck visited the Hooligans but did not mate with any of the females there. He also visited the Aztecs fequently. Buck was Last Seen in July 2013. It is unclear what happened to him at this time.


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