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Bumpy Baobab
Formerly of the Chalibonkas
Date of Birth
September 19, 2009
Date of Death
June 2015
Cause of Death
Last Seen
Hawkeye and an unknown male
Possibly VCKM001, Kinkaju, VCKM003, VCKM004, VCKF005, VCKM006, VCKF007, VCKP008, VCKM009 and VCKP010
Known For
Last Chalibonkas Member
Also Known As
Only Dominant Male of the Chalibonkas


Bumpy(VBBM042) was born on September 19, 2009 in the Baobab Mob. His mother was the dominant female Hawkeye and his father was an unknown male. Bumpy was born with one brother named Lionel(VBBM041) and two sisters named Akiko(VBBF039) and Leptis Magna(VBBF040). Bumpy and his litter-mates all survived to adulthood. In April 2010 Bumpy's mother Hawkeye was hit by a car and sadly died. Bumpy's aunt Cruise took Hawkeye's place as dominant female. In late 2010 Bumpy's two sisters, Akiko and Leptis Magna, were evicted and left the group. Like all young adult males, Bumpy started to take an interest in roving. In June 2012 Bumpy went roving and was seen mating with Nik Nak, the dominant female of the Hooligans Mob. She became pregnant but aborted the litter. Bumpy did not join the group and returned to the Baobab. However he eventually left the group in October 2013.


Bumpy joined the Lazuli Mob along with three wild males. By the end of the month the position of dominant male was undecided. Bumpy's time in the Lazuli wa short, in November 2013 he left the group along with Drachentöter and Bandersnatch.


The three males met up two evictees from Überkatz and formed the Chalibonkas Mob. Bumpy took up the position of dominant male and Ricou established dominance beside him. Ricou only produced two litters: a litter of three and a litter of seven. About a month after giving birth to her second litter, Ricou was hit by a car and died. Bumpy was left without a breeding partner. He soon turned to roving along with the other males. In July 2014, Kinkaju established herself as the new dominant female, but Bumpy wasn't interested in mating with her as she was most likely his own daughter. Instead, he roved at Ewoks where he mated with a suboranate female named Edzna. All the adult males aside from Bumpy eventually left the group. In February 2015 the three remaining females including Kinkaju all disappeared, leaving Bumpy as the last member.


In March 2015 Bumpy joined the Axolotls, a group that he had spent months visiting prior to the loss of the Chalibonkas. He took up the role of a subordinate male and spent much of his time roving. He didn't stay in the Axolotls for long. In May 2015 he left the group for good and was Last Seen. He had been Hawkeye’s last living offspring.


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