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Burdock Whiskers


Briefly of an Aztecs splinter group
Date of Birth
February 1, 2007
Date of Death
October 5, 2010
Cause of Death
Last Seen
Petra, Flo or Ella and an unknown male
Known For
Seacrest on Meerkat Manor US Version and Lonestar on Meerkat Manor UK Version


Burdock(VWF115) was born in the Whiskers on February 1, 2007. She was born into a mixed litter of eight pups. Her mother was either Petra , Flo or Ella and her father was an unknown male. Burdock had three littermate sisters named Amira(VWF117), Squig(VWF118) and Chiriqui(VWF119), and four littermate brothers named Rhogan Josh(VWM116), Rufus(VWM120), Etosha(VWM121) and Murray(VWM122). Burdock was born a few days after the long-term dominant female Flower died and Rocket Dog had become the new dominant female of the Whiskers. At the time the Whiskers were forty-seven members strong. In March 2007 the group was split up, the splinter group was called the Aztecs. Five of Burdock's littermates, Squig, Chiriqui, Rufus, Etosha and Murray, left with the Aztecs. But in April 2007 Rufus and some of the adult males rejoined the Whiskers. That same month Burdock left the Whiskers


Burdock and Orinoco play fighting

Burdock joined the Aztecs during a group encounter. Her aunt Monkulus eventually took dominance of the group. A roving male named Homestar Runner joined the group and breifly became the dominant male, but he was displaced by the Incas roving coalition led by Zaphod. In December 2007 Burdock became pregnant for the first time, along with Squig and three other subordinate females. The three other females were evicted from the mob but Monkulus allowed Burdock and Squig to remain. However, in January 2008 they both aborted their litters. In July 2008 Burdock was pregnant again but lost her litter. Later that year in October, Burdock was evicted for the first time along with her sister Squig. In 2009 Burdock fell pregnant two times but lost her litters on both occasions. She was also a common target for eviction throughout the year. In January 2010 Burdock, Squig and a subordinate female named Proteus all gave birth to litters, but each litter was lost. Burdock did not breed for the rest of the year. In August 2010 the Aztecs split into two groups. Burdock briefly acted as the dominant female of the spliter group. But the two halves reunited a month later and Burdock submitted to Monkulus. In October 2010 Burdock was evicted from the group along with Squig and three other females. Burdock sadly failed to return to the group and was considered Last Seen.

Burdock resting in the shade

Meerkat Manor

Burdock was featured on Meerkat Manor as one of the seven unnamed pups born to Maybelline and Daisy. In reality there were eight pups born in the litter, not seven. In season four Burdock had a more prominent role. She briefly played as Seacrest in the US Version and Lonestar in the UK version, in the episode The Family Way and was seen joining the Aztecs group. 


Whiskers Mob

Aztecs Mob