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Burgan Drie Doirng

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Formally of the Moomins
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First dominance male of Moomins

Burgan(VDM049) was born on August 16, 1999 in the Drie Doring Mob. His mother was Mabili. He was born with one litter-mate named Cassia. He stayed in Drie Doring for two years until he and his brother and began to rove. He soon left the group with with Cassia to rove at other groups. That was when they met up with two Lazuli females. This was in the year 2001. They joined the Lazuli females and started a new group, called the Moomins Mob. The Moomins established a territory. Burgan was the bigest male in the group and took the position of dominant male. One of the Lazuli females, Grumpy, took the role of dominant female. After a while, both Burgan and Grumpy were fitted with radio collars. Sleepy mated with Cassia and gave brith to the first litter of Moomins pups. After a while, Grumpy gave birth to her first litter fathered by Burgan, Hemulen, Snorkmaiden, The Groke, Too-Ticky and Stincky. The litter survived. On June 6, 2004 Grumpy gave birth to Grandpa Grumble, Misable, Mymble and Toft. On November 1, 2004 Grumpy gave birth again to Regopstaan, Dzidzia, Ayarbee, Mungo 3000 and Malpa Hamadryas. She gave birth again on March 25, 2005 to Frida, Caravaggio, Georgia, Kandinsky, Rothko and Picasso. Grumpy gave birth on ecember to Mich, Rocky, Fluffernutter and Penn. His son Fluffernutter would become famous for being born without claws. Grumpy gave birth to Burgan's last litter on May 9, 2006 to Maverick, Goose, Ice Man and Viper. Burgan was the dominant male of the Moomins for seven years. He died on January 1, 2007. His son Toft took over dominance. After Grumpy Hemulen took over female dominance till her death. The Moomins were Last Seen in March 2010.


Mother: Mabili

Father: The Dominane Male

Brother: Cassia

Mate: Grumpy


1st survive litter born on January 20, 2004 fathered by Burgan

Hemulen, Snorkmaiden, Stinky, The Groke and Too-Ticky

2nd surviving litter born on June 6, 2004 fathered by Burgan

Grandpa Grumble, Misable, Mymble and Toft

3rd surviving litter born on November 1, 2004 fathered by Burgan

Regopstaan, Dzidzia, Ayarbee, Mungo 3000 and Malpa Hamadryas

4th surviving litter came on March 25, 2005 fathered by Burgan

Frida, Caravaggio, Georgia, Kandinsky, Rothko and Picasso

5th surviving litter born on December 15, 2005 fathered by Burgan

Mich, Rocky, Fluffernutter and Penn

6th surviving litter born on May 9, 2006 Fathered by Burgan

Maverick, Goose, Ice Man and Viper


Drie Doring Mob

Moomins Mob Mabili Drie Doring

Grumpy Lazuli

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