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was born on January 22, 2011 in the Lazuli. His mother was Young the dominant female at the time, and his father was Rufus the dominant male. Cagliostro was born in a large litter of six. His five litter-mates were his three sisters Sutica(VLF180), Merlino(VLF182) and Morgana(VLF183) and two brothers VLM178 and Gobolino(VLM181). When the pups started foraging with the adults at four weeks old, VLM178 died. The Lazuli were a large mob and managed to bring the rest of the pups through. Cagliostro started to rove around a year and a half of age. He was first reported to have gone roving in June 2012. Cagliostro started to rove more and more as he grew older, he paid regular visits to the Zulus Mob throughout mid-2012. In September 2012, Cagliostro left his group with his older brothers Snowy and Dis-Grace. The three males joined the Cave Men, but they rejoined the Lazuli within that same month. Cagliostro continued to rove frequently and was frequently seen visiting the Zulus group. In September 2013 Cagliostro and five other Baobab males left the group.


Cagliostro, the five other Baobab males and two wild males all joined the Zulus Mob. Male dominance constantly shifted between different males, but for the first few months within the group Cagliostro spent most of his time roving and visiting his previous mob. In January 2014 Cagliostro overthrew Gobolino and became the new dominant male of the group. The dominant female was Ocho Niple and she became his mate. In spite of his position Cagliostro has continued to rove, though he does so less frequently. Over the next two years, Ocho Niple only produced a few litters. Throughout this time, Cagliostro served as the collard animal in the Zulus. In January 2016, his collar broke and the group couldn't be tracked. In February, the group was found again. However, Ocho Niple was Last Seen and the Zulus split in two soon after. Part of the group wasn't followed. Cagliostro ended up with the splinter group that went followed, but soon left and was Last Seen


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