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Capella(VPSF001) was a wild meerkat First Seen in the company of a Hoax named Carravagio and three other wild meerkats on October 31, 2007. The new group was and called the Polaris Mob. At first one of the wild males named Achernar was seen acting as the dominant male, and he competed with the new comer Carravagio but was ultimately ousted from his position. Carravagio was fitted with a radio collared so the group could be tracked. Either Capella or Sirius became pregnant and gave birth to three pups, which were the first litter born into the new mob. Sadly, Carravagio was found dead in April 2008 and with the death of the only collared individual, the Polaris could no longer be tracked and were declared Last Seen that same month. It's assumed Achernar took dominance beside Capella after. 


Polaris Mob

Carravagio Hoax