Captain Danger Awesome(VAZM044)

Captain Danger Awesome

was born in September 2-6, 2011 in the Aztecs Mob. His mother was Kathleen and his father was an unknown rover. His litter-mates were Stilton(VAZF043), VAZP045 and VAZP046. His mother was not the dominant female but his grandmother Monkulus and she was pregnant so she had the right to kill or abandon the pup. Monkulus however allowed the pups to remain in the Aztecs. Captain Danger Awesome and his litter-mates were the first grandchildren born in the Aztecs. Sadly in Stilton, VAZP045 and VAZP046 were predated leaving Captain Danger Awesome as the only survivor. In March 2012, Kathleen agve birth to a new litter along with Monkulus and Santa. At six Captain Danger Awesome wasn't older enough to help out much with the new pups, however he was old enough to care for himself. Soon Captain Danger Aweseom reach adulthood. In October his mother was evicted with a few other females. Her group was joined by some Aztecs males and Sequoia males, however after a group encounter the Sequoia males joined trhe Aztecs. A few days later Kathleena nd the other evicted females rejoined the Aztecs. Kathleen managed to overthrow Monkulus becoming the dominant female. Then in November the Aztecs splinter again however Captain Danger Awesome was with the splinter.


The splinter group became known as the Mayans. The Sequoia males were also in the group. Captain Danger Awesome didn't bother with dominance and took to roving. He breifly met up with Kathleen back in the Aztecs but soon left and rejoined the Mayanbs with his uncle Tabie. However Tabie soon died from disease and it is unknown if Captain Danger Awesome was infected with the same disease. In December Captain Danger Awesome went roving with some of the other males. In November 2013, Captain Danger Awesome has been out roving most of the month. Captain Danger Awesome is still alive today in the Mayans. In December 2013 Captain Danger Awesome was absent from the group, although he had been seen roving at the Baobab, together with a former Van Helsing and Nequoia male named Harrison. 


After spending over a year at the Mayans, Captain Danger Awsome stayed with his new roving companion and they soon discovered a small wild mob that would later be named Alcatraz and joined them. The mob had six or more wild adults and four young pups. Captain Danger Awsome and Harrison were unable to settle dominance right away. It took two months for Harrison to establish dominance. In April 2014, Captain Danger Awesome died of TB.


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