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Silks, Asphodel and Captain Joans.


Captain Joans(VVM002) was born in the Vivian on November 5, 1995. His mother was Vivian, and his father was a Drie Doring male. He was born in a litter of four; his litter-mates were Silks(VVM001), Asphodel(VVF003), and VVU9501. VVU9501 was predated, but Vivian managed to raise Silks, Asphodel, and Captain Joans almost entirely on her own. Captain Joans remained in the group for five years and became the dominant male after the long-term dominant Stinker left the group when Vivian died. Rhian became the new dominant female. In 1997, a group of Young Ones males joined the Vivian and forced Captain Joans out of the group.


Captain Joans and another male called Morris joined two Lazuli females VLF004 and VLF005. They formed a new group called the X-iles. Morris became the dominant male, but was later ousted by a wild male. One of the wild males who joined the group showed signs of tuberculosis, which rapidly spread to the other members. Captain Joans left the group with some other members and was Last Seen on September 16, 1999.


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