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Captain Sensible(VCDM043) was born on August 7, 2008 in the Commandos. His mother was Zorilla and his father was either Baker or Miles. He was born with just one litter-mate sister named Punx(VCDF044). A few weeks after the pups were born, their older half sister Samba gave birth to a litter of pups. She didn't try to kill her mother's pups and Zorrila allowed the suborinate litter to remain in the Commando. Sadly one of the pups VCDF045 died. The rest of the pups survived their first few months and started foraging. Zorilla gave birth to a new litter in October. Captain Sensible wasn't old enough to help out with the pups but he was old enough to fend for himself. Sadly in Janaury 2009 Zorilla, Miles and Cody, Captain Sensible's older half brother, died of disease. The last of the Whisker males Panthro became the new dominant male. Captain Sensible's older half sister Celidh became the new dominant female after Zorilla. Sadly the group started to suffer from disease killing Kili's pups. Panthro died of disease in April 2009 and three wild males join the group however they could not save the Commandos. In June 2009 Celidh, Cho and Rastas died and with no adult females left in the group and the only collared meerkat dead, the Commandos were lost. It is unknown what happen to Captain Sensible however several of the memebers were marked with disease. Captain Sensible was considered Last Seen in June 2009, two months shy of his first birthday.


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