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Caroline Lazuli

Caroline Lazuli.jpg

Date of Birth
March 26, 2006
Date of Death
May 25, 2009
Cause of Death
Last Seen
Young or HP
Shaka Zulu, Bernard, Teaser, Landie, Lallie and Flax
Rum, Hen, Muck and Eggie
Known For
Last of her litter to remain in the Lazuli
Also Known As
HP or Young's duaghter

Caroline(VLF123) was born on April 24, 2006 in the Lazuli Mob. She was born in a mixed litter of 8 pups consisting of her, Shaka Zulu, Bernard,Teaser, Landie, Lallie and Flax. Her mother was either Young or HP. The litter of 8 pups was among the largest litters born in Lazuli. Caroline and her siblings were cared for by the adults until old enough to forage for themselves. The whole litter survived. Caroline's aunt Aretha was the dominant female in the Lazuli by then but had to successfull litters born which survived, so most of the litters born in the mob were from subordinate females whom she frequently evicted. Caroline grew up in a very large mob so she and her seven litter-mates survived. The mob numbered 25 members by April 2007, one of the largest mobs in the area. Caroline was thirdteen months old by then and was an adult subodinate female. Caroline's sister Flax was predated on May 10 2007. The former dominant male was no longer in the group, Padloper die August 3, 2007 so J. Alfred Prufrock became the dominant male. Lallie was predated on September 17, 2007 while Teaser died on September 30, 2007. Then in November 7, 2007 Landie died of TB. Young gave birth to a litter on January 4,2008 to Lutzputz, Calvinia, Christiana and Prieska. Aretha evicted the last of the suborinate females wo were her sisters. Caroline eventually became pregnant and in March 2008 she and Aretha gave birth to four pups. Sadly none of the pups survived, all were predated within a month. Aretha was killed by a predator in May. Caroline could have become the new dominant female but unfortunately Young was still in the group. She beat Caroline into submision and Young became the new dominant female. Caroline was the second oldest subordinate female. She possed a real threat to Young's pups and could have overthrown Young. Five males joined the groip with Wollow ousted hs uncle and became the dominant male. Caroline could still not challenge Young. Then J. Alfred Prufrock, Bash, Bosh and Caroline's two brothers Bernard and Shaka Zulu who dispersed and started the Hoppla Mob which lived close to Lazuli. Both Caroline and Young mated and gave birth on August 25, 2008 to Rum, Muck, Hen and Eigg, though its not clear which ones were Caroline's. Sadly Caroline was evicted by Young and was not seen in the mob by May 2009. She did not rejoin the group and by June 2009 sadly Caroline was Last Seen. Later her brother Shaka Zulu became the dominant male of the Zulus Mob.


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