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Carravagio Hoax
Wild, Hoax and Polaris
Formally of the Hoax and Polaris
Date of Birth
First seen December 2006
Date of Death
April 2008
Cause of Death
Mau Mau and Capella
Maybe VPSP005, VPSP006 and VPSP007
Known For
Only dominant male of the Hoax
Also Known As
Second dominant male of the Polaris


Carravagio(VHXM001) was born in a wild mob. His mother was either the dominant female or a subordinate female and his father was either the dominant male or a rover. Carravagio could have been fathered or mother b a former KMP meerkats. It is unknow how many litter-mates he had or is any survived. His origins will never be known. Carravagio did survived to adulthood and started helping out around his mob. He probably started roving as well. In late 2006 he left his birth mobs for good to form his own.


Carravagio was First Seen in December 2006 in a new group known as the Hoax. The mob was formed up of three wild males, Carravagio, Sid Vicious, and Houdini, one wild female named Mau Mau and two Whiskers meerkats named Tina Sparkle and Suggs. Carravagio may have been related to Sid Vious and Houdini who may have roved with him from his wild mob. Carravagio easilly took the dominant male position over the other three males. Mau Mau was originally thought to be a male but when she took dominant female position, it was discovered she was, in fact, a female. After eight months the Hoax mob were considered habituated, although Mau Mau was still a little untrusting of humans. By September 2007, none of the two females could get pregnant or produce a litter. The males soon lost interest in the mob and soon started to rove away from the Hoax including Carravagio. Suggs and Houndini were the first males to rove followed by Carravagio. Carravagio roved at the Lazuli and Aztecs group. Houdini and Sid Vicious left the Hoax mob on October 15, 2007. Then of October 31, 2007 Carravagio left the Hoax mob for good. During the month of November, Carravagio roved at Aztecs and Moomins but was unable to join those groups.


Carravagio moved west of the old Hoax's territory and teamed up with wild meerkats, the new group was called Polaris Mob. The group was made up of two females Capella and Sirius, a male named Achernar, and an unknown gender meerkat named Antares. Being the only habictuated meerkat in the group, Carravagio was filled with a radio collar, he probably had this collar before when he was in the Hoax mob. Not long after Carravagio had settled into group, he ousted Archernar and became the new dominant male beside the dominant female Capella. During February 2008 one of the females, Capella or Sirius gave birth VPSP005, VPSP006 and VPSP007. Things looked good for the Polaris group and Carravagio now that he had a breeding mate. However tragety struck when, in April, Carravagio was found dead, believed to have been killed by a predator. With the lost of Carravagio, who was the only collared animal in the group, the Polaris were lost.


Hoax Mob

Polaris Mob