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Cassidy(VBBF079) was born in November 23, 2011, into the Baobab Mob. Her mother was the dominant female, Cruise, and her father was most likely Al Capone. Cassidy was born into a litter of three, she had two brothers called Butch(VBBM080) and Sundance Kid(VBBBM081). All three pups survived to adulthood. In March 2012 Cassidy and nine other meerkats were separated from the Boabab, but they returned the following month. During her time in the Baobab Cassidy avoided rovers and never got pregnant. She was never evicted from the mob. Meanwhile, both of her brothers took to roving. Her brother Sundance Kid eventually left Boabab and helped form the Freakin' Awesome Mob. Sadly Cassidy was Last Seen in October 2013. It is unclear at this time what happened to her.


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