Meerkats Wiki

October 2011: Dikkop, Gene and Megan Fox teamed up with Franz, Rufio and Brea to form Cave Men however the group wasn't followed.

November 2011: The Cave Men was located and collared. Dikkop became the dominant female. Brea went roving. Gene and Megan Fox rejoined the JaXX. No dominant male.

December 2011: Dikkop was pregnant. Franz, Rufio and Brea went roving and Pet joined the group. No dominant male.

Janaury 2012: Dikkop gave birth VCVP002, VCVP003, VCVP004 and VCVP005. Franz became the dominant male. One encounter with Toyota.

February 2012: VCVP002, VCVP003, VCVP004 and VCVP005 were all predated. One encounter with Toyota and JaXX.

March 2012: One encounter with Lazuli.

April 2012: No events.

May 2012: Franz was absent at the end of the month.

June 2012: Rufio went roving once. One encounter with JaXX. Rufio became the dominant male.

July 2012: Rufio went roving three times and Brea went roving twice. One encounter with Jaxx. Rufio was absent at the end of the month.

August 2012: Dikkop was pregnant.

September 2012: Dikkop aborted. Snowy, Dis-Grace and Cagliostro joined the group. Snowy became the dominant male. Dis-Grace and Cagliostro rejoined the Lazuli. Rufio was evicted and went roving with Brea. Pitio, Bearslayer and Fat Jesus visited. Two encounters with Hooligans and one with Lazuli and Whiskers.

October 2012: Dikkop was pregnant. Snowy, Rufio, Brea and Pet went roving, Eigg, Pitio and Bearslayer Pitio visited. Three encounters with Hooligans.

November 2012: Dikkop was pregnant. Rufio went roving.

December 2012: Dikkop gave birth to VCVP006, VCVP007, VCVP008, VCVP009 and VCVF010. Rufio and Brea went roving.

Janaury 2013: VCVP008 and VCVP009 were predated. Snowy, Rufio and Pet went roving. One encounter with Toyota and Whiskers.

February 2013: VCVM006 and VCVMP007 were predated. Dikkop left the group after looking very sick and was absent.

March 2013: Dikkop was Last Seen. VCVF010 was predated. Pet, Snowy, Rufio and Brea went roving. Pet and Snowy left the group and joined Lazuli but rejoined. Snowy rejoined Lazuli again.

April 2013: Snowy rejoined the group. Pet and Brea went roving three times, Snowy went roving two times and Rufio went roving four times. One encounter each with Whiskers, Toyota, Lazuli and JaXX.